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on May 22, 2013


We are outside very often in the afternoons lately.  Our whole front yard is in the shade, so it’s a nice place for me to read a book and watch the kids roll, run, and scoot around the neighborhood (along with some neighborhood friends).

Abby with my glowing necklace and bracelet and the strawberry she swiped from the garden.



Olivia rides up and down our block watching for cars the whole time.  She’s doing so great on her bike.


Andy got home from work Tuesday when we were all outside.  We had a few friends over too who watched as he tried to teach Vincent how to ride his bike.  I think our house is the hot spot for the block.


Vincent liked riding, but when the bike started to wobble, he wanted to jump off the back!  I think he’s still too small for this craigslist bike, but he sure does like it!


Olivia’s paper from school that must have been when they taught about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday because it starts with “I have a dream”.


Olivia wrote (I edited so you can tell what she’s saying):

I have a dream to have a fashion show and be famous and I will give people autographs and get lots of money and to get a cello, piano, flute, and a guitar.  And give makeovers.  And get outfits for my doll.  And get a bathtub with a shower and I want the nail kit.

Vincent and Abby’s bedtime sticker chart so they can learn how to go to bed better.  Vincent was halfway done a few weeks ago, but he decided to put stickers on the rest of the page without permission (obviously) and I made him start all over.  Abby finally filled her chart up, so she gets to go get ice cream with Andy soon and then she’ll start a new one because they both still need it.


Anyway, we are having a great time over here!

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