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Early Anniversary Trip

on May 26, 2013




Andy and I were able to have a little mini vacation to Portland Friday and Saturday.  Luckily, my mom was able to come and watch our kids (and the girls didn’t have school because it was a snow make up day that we didn’t have to make up).   My mom stayed overnight with them and then a girl from our ward came and watched them on Saturday because my mom had another thing to go to.

Andy and I ended up leaving early for Portland Friday morning because our friends who went through the Temple for the first time left their Temple recommends at their apartment and I had to go pick them up and deliver them to the Temple.  We didn’t want to be late, so we left extra early and were there about an hour and a half ahead of when they needed to be there, so Andy took the envelope in to the Temple and gave it to them to hold.  While he was in the Temple, I finally talked with my friend and she said her husband needed a helper, so we left and went to eat some lunch at Chipotle Grill (delicious!) before going back to the Temple for their session.


You may wonder why they went clear to Portland instead of going in Tri-Cities and it’s because the husband has a cousin and aunt who are members and no one else in their family, so they went where there was family support.  We went because they are our friends, Andy home teaches them, I visit teach her, and their daughter is in our preschool group.  In addition to that, Andy and I like a roadtrip and it’s nearly our 12th anniversary (same day as Father’s Day this year—and my birthday, but it’s on the same day as that every year) and we were married in the Portland Temple.

They made a visitor’s center behind the Temple.  Andy played this fun Temple knowledge geography game.  Of course he did awesome!


Then we went and checked into our hotel, changed into regular clothes, and went out into Portland for an adventure.  See this cool track?  We went on that!


It goes from some parking below up to the hospital and cost us $4 each for the round trip.  It was raining, but still a lot of fun.  It’s up really high.  We looked out over the city from the hospital.  I like looking at these roads crossing.  They are so interesting.


The view from up high while we were riding.



There was a cloud over us, but a rainbow and sunshine on this other Portland neighborhood.


We went to Ikea (where the rainbow ends) to pick up a few little things.


After Ikea we went to eat.  We were looking for a Chili’s because we don’t have one here, but the place the GPS directed us to wasn’t a Chili’s anyway, so we ate at California Pizza Kitchen.  Andy really likes it, but it wasn’t my very favorite (and they burned my pizza crust a bit).  I still ate all of it though…

We headed back to the hotel for swimming and the hot tub.  I liked the hotel a lot.  It was nice.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at the hotel and then went to the Japanese Gardens near the zoo.
Here’s one picture of how pretty it was.  Most of the areas had water features and all kinds of cool plants.


We wandered around there for awhile (in our nice clothes because there wasn’t really anywhere to change).  A nice lady took this picture for us.  (No, I’m not pregnant.  That belly is just taking it sweet time to dissipate and I thought that dress looked better than it does…still better than where I was a year and a half ago!)


We ended up with some extra time again so Andy took me on a drive.  He loves to drive and he loves bridges and maps, so we drove nearly all the way around Portland.


We were still early to the Temple for our friend’s sealing, so I napped in the car while we waited until it was time.  It’s always so great when families are sealed together in the Temple for time and all eternity.

They were sealed to their three year old daughter and their new baby girl will be born in a month.  We are so happy for them!



The weather Saturday was beautiful!  I took this picture of the Angel Moroni from inside the atrium inside the Temple.


I can’t get enough of pictures of the Temple.




We had a great trip away and we are so glad we were able to go and support our friends as well (there were only a few people there with them).

Our kids had a pretty good time too.  We heard reports of water, mud, dragonflies, baths, and all kinds of fun.


3 responses to “Early Anniversary Trip

  1. rachel says:

    i’m so glad that you got away for a bit and enjoyed each other.

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