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Rainy Day

on May 27, 2013




Memorial Day was spent with family as it often is up at Andy’s parent’s place in the mountains.  It was a rainy day, but still so nice to visit and eat good food.

A lot of the time we visit the mountain Mount Rainer shows in the space between those two trees, but today it was all fog and clouds and rain.


Games were played.


We kept telling the kids they could play after lunch expecting the rain to quit, but it just rained harder, so we gave in and let them play.  Well, not Abby…


(picture taken earlier when she was sad about not being able to go outside, even though she had her hood on.)

Elizabeth found a very slow lizard.  So slow she wasn’t sure it was alive.


Olivia waited patiently for her turn on the four wheeler with Grandpa George.


We told Vincent he should wear pants, but he didn’t listen.  He didn’t act like he was cold though (and of course Andy was wearing shorts too.)


Today was a great day for me in part because we found Vincent’s Cars jacket finally.  I’ve been searching for it for months!  It was hanging on the coat rack up at the mountain.

If you click on this picture of Vincent’s turn on the four wheeler, you’ll see his huge smile.  He loves riding with Grandpa.


Olivia had a turn too.  She was soaked.  When they came in Grandma Shirley got a towel for Olivia’s hair and took all three jackets from the kids and tossed them in the dryer.


George told us that he asked all five kids he took on the four wheeler (two cousins) whether they wanted to go uphill or downhill and every one of them other than Olivia told him uphill, but when he asked Olivia which one, she told him, “You pick, Grandpa.”

We may not have the typical Memorial Day of going to parades and cemeteries, but we do think of our veteran’s and those particularly who died serving our country.

Just nine more days of school until summer! Wow.

2 responses to “Rainy Day

  1. rachel says:

    were we up there last year with you?

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