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Surf Sharks and more (of course)

on May 30, 2013

One of my friends arranged for a very special reading of a book some of her friends wrote and illustrated.  They live here in our area and the husband drew the pictures to go along with his wife’s story which happened in part because their son is incredibly interested in sharks.

Their plan is to take the book to a convention and see if they can have it made into a tv show.  Here‘s the book:


The book is aimed at children ages 5-12, but even I enjoyed listening to it and the pictures were awesome.  I requested that our library buy it already (and they usually do buy the things I ask, which is rad!) You’ll have to look it up.

Vincent LOVED it!  Anytime there was a question, he had an answer.  At the end the lady reading (who I believe is a teacher) asked my friend who his mom was and told me how good he is at predicting the next thing in the book and that she was impressed with him.


Honestly, Abby was much more interested in trying to keep her little legs “criss-cross-applesauce” like the other kids.  She tried so hard to get them arranged correctly and then she was aimed the wrong way, so you can see her there (right next to Elizabeth) aimed toward the camera, but facing the book.


She DID listen to the whole book and seemed to like it.

The illustrator brought his video camera to film the kids’ reactions to the story and their favorite parts afterwards (which was the whole reason for this special event really).  He’s making the video to take to that convention I mentioned earlier.  Pretty cool, I think.

Olivia had ballet right after school and she went along with our friends who go at the same time as us and they dropped her off at the party just in time for popsicles.

That was enough of our Tuesday, I guess.  Tuesdays are always our busiest day.

Wednesday I watched my friend’s kids for the morning (the one who normally watches mine.  We have a great swap going and I LOVE it!)  I also tried out a new peanut butter cookie recipe that don’t have flour or butter.   My buddy is trying to avoid flour and I wanted to try them on a day I could pass some off to her.  They were SO delicious and so easy.
After school on Wednesday the girls came home with the twin boys who are in Olivia’s class at school who happen to live in our neighborhood.  They took my little business card home to their mom so she’d know where they were and she’d have my phone number.  The twin boys played with our kids and the two neighbor girls and had a grand old time.  Then they all came inside our house.  The girls wanted to play with the Lego’s and brought them all out into the living room (much better than playing in the bedroom!)  The kids all played pretty well.  They left when Andy got home a little bit later.

Thursday I had a dentist cleaning appointment and Vincent and Abby were able to go play with their little cousin.  She can say so many words now and even says Abby.  Adorable.   I don’t have any cavities, but I do have a filling that wasn’t done quite right several years ago before my current dentist took over for my old dentist and it’s now time to go in and fix it to get rid of the decay inside, which could be just another filling, but it’s likely to be a root canal.  Lucky me.  Sigh.

On the way over to Kennewick Vincent told me that he could count to 12 by 3’s.  Then he really did it!  3-6-9-12!  I had to text Andy and tell him.  It was pretty cool. Olivia was impressed and told him that she didn’t cover that at school until first grade.  I’ll have to video it so you can see.  When Andy got home he got him to go all the way to 30.  This kid is so ready for kindergarten.

I did some sewing Thursday afternoon.  It was fun. I have more to do to finish up some little projects.

When the girls got home from school we all hurried over to Kohl’s so they could pick out some fun things for our neighbor girl’s birthday party that they are both invited to.  It is hard work to have all four kids in that kind of store, especially with Abby walking (she thinks she’s too big for a stroller now…) They found the perfect little gifts and then came home to wrap them up before dinner.

Elizabeth and her neighbor friend went to jujitsu tonight.  Her friend is trying it out and seemed to like it.  Andy dropped them off and went home teaching while I cleaned up dinner and made Vincent and Abby finish their food.  Olivia asked if she could ride her bike with the other neighborhood girl, which was totally okay until I went outside and couldn’t see her anywhere.  It clicked very quickly that they probably went over to the twin boy’s house now that they know where they live.  Less than a minute later who do I see riding around that corner, but those two girls?  I asked her where she was and of course they went over there to see if the twins could play.  I told her that she knew she wasn’t supposed to leave our block and made her go put her bike and helmet away so she could remember that rule (while the neighbor lady teacher told me good job on my parenting-yea!)  Meanwhile, Abby picked more strawberries so she got to ride in the stroller to jujitsu as her punishment and Olivia got to push her.  We left our house and met the twins at the corner on their scooters with one of them holding his lego set coming over to play, but we were off on a walk. Elizabeth’s friend seemed to enjoy jujitsu with her, so that’s cool.  Vincent rode his trike really fast some of the time and really slow other times (when he “ran out of batteries”).

Do you ever run out of batteries?  Me too. =)

3 responses to “Surf Sharks and more (of course)

  1. Tina says:

    I agree with you. Definitely strange… wait, it’s strange that part of your blog that got emailed to me, is not there anymore… but I do agree with you. I don’t think my batteries can reach 100 % capacity. :) Gotta love neighbor kids!

  2. Mary C in WA says:

    Ya, Where is the Battery Charger for Grandma??? Your children do like to get into your Strawberries, even the neighbor girl did when I was there. Glad you could enjoy a book reading.

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