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All Over the Place

on June 2, 2013

Olivia had a field day on Friday at school.  I only saw her for a little bit because I was helping on Elizabeth’s field trip.  Olivia was running around with her friends having a great time trying out all the different activities.  This game was bouncing the ball on a racquet while staying in the circle.


The fourth graders went on the Oregon Trail in the families they’ve been learning about for at least a month.  Many of the kids dressed up and Elizabeth picked out her outfit.   She’s holding her flour baby they made as a group.


Their family decided they wanted to have twin babies instead of just one.  They named them George and Georgia.


They finally left the playground and roughed it out on the Oregon Trail (or not so much on the smooth sidewalks…)


Each of the people in the family took turns pulling their covered wagon, holding the baby, and shaking the little plastic tub of heavy cream into butter.  The wagons each had a gallon of water in them that they were supposed to try and keep from spilling.  The gallon had the top cut off so it was open.  Elizabeth’s group managed to spill nearly all of their water, but they still had bottled water to drink.


At each of the 16 or so stops the families each made a decision that always had a consequence; good or bad.  This consequence was a bad one that they had to pick up their wagon and carry it until the next stop.


This year a stop was added at the grandparents of a girl in Elizabeth’s grade where they showed the kids how to make a fire with flint and gave them some jerky and biscuits.  This picture was when the kid next to the stump got scared when the grandpa sparked the flint.  Oops. =)


At Chimney Rock (a teacher’s driveway) the kids signed their (family in Oregon Trail) name.


Elizabeth’s family managed to avoid the black clothespin that every other family had on at least one of their people signifying that they died.  It was good for them to sort of see how hard things must have been on the Oregon Trail and I think helped cement in their head a little more how much they have to be grateful for.

I had a great friend watch Vincent and Abby after the babysitter I set up a month ago had kids throwing up.  I took them over to Pasco after I dropped the girls off at school.  They had such a fun time.  Vincent said she was even more fun than me.

Elizabeth and Olivia got home from school, put away their things, and changed before going to a friend’s swimming birthday party.  They had a good time.

I left before they got home with one of my cousins to go to our youngest girl cousin’s graduation.   You may recognize her from Junior Miss last year.
I don’t normally go to every graduation because they are usually so long and there is just one point in the program that the person you know is noticed, but this cousin was one of the three valedictorians and had a speech, so I went to watch.  She’s a smarty and such a great kid!

20130531_1458Here‘s the video of her two minute speech.  She didn’t use the line Andy always wants to hear (even after I told them of his $50 offer), but she did a great job.  When the speakers say that line “some of us will be teachers, some will be police officers, some of us will be….” Andy thinks they should say, “some of us will be in jail.”   Most schools would not allow it, I’m sure, even though it’s true.

I was able to ride with my cousin who lives close to me and it was so much fun to visit with her on our drive.

When I came home Abby was asleep in her bed like this:



Legs through the crib rails.20130531_1460

I’m not sure if she was sitting up when she fell asleep or what, but she did move at some point into a more comfortable position.

I came home just in time to play The Farming Game with our game night friends and eat some brownies one of them brought and have some cake that our neighbor sent over to us after the birthday party.

Saturday Andy’s boss’s youngest daughter graduated and they had a fun backyard party.  She is going to go to BYU-Hawaii.


Then Andy dropped me off at my friend’s baby shower while he took the kids to the store to look for a few of the things we still needed to find for the trek we are going on.  He found socks for both of us to wear with our hiking boots, but he’s still looking for a hat for himself.

My friend opening the newborn size Fourth of July onsie I gave her.  She’s wearing my maternity dress too.

20130601_1462After all that fun, we came home and the kids played while I made a grocery list and then went on errands to the library, thrift store, and grocery shopping.

I found so many great things at my favorite thrift store today.  Three pairs of barely worn kid tennis shoes, a long skirt that I think will work for trek, shorts for Elizabeth, a yellow blouse for trek, some cottony pants that I think will work as bloomers for trek, swimming shorts for Vincent in the size he needs, and a Hawaiian shirt for Andy.  It was great.  I think I have almost all of the clothing things I need for trek finally.  We have really got to get going on all of the equipment we need to bring though (kitchen things, tents, etc.)  We are planning on meeting up with the other ma and pa from our ward and going through the scouting shed next week and then figuring out for sure what else we need.


2 responses to “All Over the Place

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    That’s great! You are getting it all done and I’m tired just reading about it! Elizabeth made a cute Pioneer, the fabric on her apron looked similar to her bonnet. (my Bonnet from Chimney Rock…). I’m so glad that she could have that experience and You and Andy TOO. We have a great Heritage!

  2. Staff says:

    Thank you NaDell.

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