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CARES Winners

on June 4, 2013

I received emails from Elizabeth and Olivia’s teachers that they were both picked by their classroom vote to win the overall CARES award for their class at the end of the year assembly.  To learn more about CARES, go here.

Andy and his mom were able to come and watch too.

I told the girls the day before that I’d be there for the PTA thing that was going to happen at the assembly as well so they wouldn’t be surprised to see me (generally if your parent is there, you are getting an award…)

This year most classes had two winners instead of just one, like last year.  Elizabeth told me that she had two votes in her class vote and Olivia said she had three votes.

Here’s Elizabeth with her teacher.  Great job, Elizabeth!


I like that it’s a classroom vote this year.  It means even more.

Olivia with her teacher.  At one of the parent teacher conferences Olivia’s teacher told me that when she leaves notes for a substitute teacher, she writes down that if the sub has any questions to ask Olivia.


Had to get a picture of my two girls together after school.  They had their papers in their backpacks already.


I’m so glad these girls do so well at school.  They sure are good friends to each other too!


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