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on June 6, 2013

After school the kids wanted to play in the sprinkler because they were so hot (just wait until it’s really hot in the summer!)  Elizabeth helped Abby go down the slide.


Abby found a ripe strawberry in the garden, even after I picked what I thought were all of the ripe ones.  Olivia saw that and decided to go look for another strawberry too.


Vincent running through the sprinkler, or rather just close enough to get a tiny bit wet. =)


Vincent decided he was tired right after dinner, changed into pajamas, and put himself to bed (6:30pm).  I was folding laundry with Abby’s help when Andy took the girls with him to mutual for Senior Honor’s Night.   Abby tried on Elizabeth’s jean shorts while I put the other clothes away.


Thursday morning I tried on some of the trek clothes I’ve been gathering.  Do I look like a pioneer?


Abby likes to cross her legs while she sits by the fireplace to read books.


Elizabeth had field day this morning.  She was able to be part of her class girl’s relay team because she was the fastest girl in her class last week and they had the top four girls in each class do a relay race.  She was assigned to do the last leg of the race which is apparently longer than anyone else’s.  I don’t know how they did because I wasn’t there, but I’m sure she did great.

Olivia has her ballet recital coming up this weekend and told me that at her final class next week it’s parent day and they told her they were going to give her a trophy because she can do the splits so well.  I haven’t heard of them giving trophies, but I guess we’ll see.

School’s almost out for our girls and then we have a little break before any plans, although there’s plenty to do before the plans (ie: trek, reunions).


2 responses to “Playing

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Remind me what time for the Recital. I wanna run through Sprinklers too. I saw a $40 POOL at Bi-Mart. Maybe Grandpa will get one for Father’s Day! YUM- Strawberries, glad you have some.
    Your Birthday and our BIG Family Pictures are coming right up, too!

  2. rachel says:

    you do look like a pioneer.

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