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Field Day and Ballet Recital

on June 9, 2013

Thursday morning I ended up going over to Elizabeth’s field day even though I wasn’t planning on it.  A friend of mine posted a picture of her daughter and I wanted to be there for the four person relay Elizabeth was a part of and didn’t know what time it would start.  I got there in time for this tug of war.

Elizabeth was on the team with her green shirt class, but used a backwards pulling technique.  I like that her teacher is there cheering them all on.  (They still lost…)


Wednesday Elizabeth’s class made these fun tie dye tshirts.  Each of them brought in a white shirt or three dollars to pay for the shirt the teacher provided.  Her teacher’s last name is Batdorf, so they all had a bat symbol on their shirts.  It was  a HOT day.


Sack races!


The fourth and fifth grades had a combined field day that was all day long.  Before lunch another parent lined Elizabeth’s class up to take a class picture, so I jumped right in next to him and took one too.


Vincent, Abby, and I went home for lunch and then came back (and I really should have sunscreened myself…)

Elizabeth running the 100 yard dash with the other fourth grade girls who signed up for their classrooms.


Elizabeth with her relay team.  Earlier in the week they had an all girl race and the four fastest girls were put on the relay team for each class.


It was fun to watch these girls huddle together to encourage each other and plan their handoffs.

Elizabeth’s relay team video here.  They got third place out of four, but in their defense it was at the end of a very long, hot day and after most of them ran in other events.  I suppose the girls on the other teams had the same excuses though…

Vincent liked watching the fifth graders play this game.


Another tug of war against a different class.  Look at these techniques.


And they still lost… They gave out awards Friday on their last day of school.  Elizabeth and Olivia have really enjoyed school.  I told them on Saturday that they were each assigned to turn in one book report a week all summer.  They need to keep reading and writing to continue to do well and reading is good for them.

Friday afternoon Andy and Vincent left for the father son campout.  The girls came grocery shopping with me and I let them each pick a nail polish.  We ate our dinner, watched a movie, painted nails, and ate some popcorn.


Then Abby went to bed and Elizabeth and Olivia watched another movie and slept on the hide-a-bed.

Saturday morning we went to the park for Olivia’s ballet dress rehearsal.

Here she is in her ballet outfit with the added skirt and headpiece.  I love that we don’t have to pay some exorbitant amount of money for a costume we’d wear once.  This is way nicer.


Olivia with the little boy we’ve driven to ballet many weeks this year.  He goes to the same school, so it just made sense.  Some weeks Elizabeth would play with his sister during ballet too.  There were four boys in Olivia’s class.


Saturday night’s performance looked like this:


Yeah, we didn’t get the nicest seats, but everyone was pretty happy.  Elizabeth read her book, Olivia and the boy from her class watched the performances, and I had my freshly painted feet up (can you see where my feet are sunburned from Thursday’s field day? They are and it hurts!)

Abby ate her apple.


Vincent made his flip flops dance to the music.




Olivia had a nicer headpiece for the evening performance.  She lost her second front tooth this week.


Olivia’s class performance.  She’s on the right side in the front.



Olivia loves ballet!



Olivia’s ballet video here.  Next week is parent participation week.  I guess she’ll have to teach me something about being cute.

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