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on June 16, 2013


Pictures below if you want to skip the rambling…

I ended up with THREE days  this week with nothing on the calendar squares.  It was fantastic.  Now, I wish I could say that I just sat around a read a book the whole day (and took care of the kids), but I couldn’t do that ALL day.  I did a little, but also had a lot of prep work to do for things that were coming up the end of the week and this next week, so I was still busy, even without things scheduled to do.

Monday night after working around the house all day, we had FHE, Andy took Vincent to get his bedtime star chart ice cream cone, and I went on a walk with my girls (and one neighbor).  Abby wanted to walk too, but didn’t last long and just a little ways away, Olivia had to use the bathroom, so I tied the house key to her helmet strap and the three bigger girls hurried home on their bike and scooters.  I texted my neighbor so she could look out for them and they were already home before Abby and I were even halfway there.  I love this time of year when neighbors are outside more and we can chat.  We live in a nice, friendly area.

Tuesday afternoon I went to Olivia’s ballet parent participation class for the whole hour.  I stood at the barre with her and did all of the stretches and ballet positions and everything (not as well as her, but this was really my first lesson).  We did some moves across the room and she tried to teach her uncoordinated mom how to do some dance steps and I’m afraid she failed… My calves were sore for a few days after that!  Ballet is hard work.

Wednesday I ticked plenty of things off of my to do list.  I hardly remember what they all were because I made a new list midweek and threw away the old one that was all crossed off.  Wednesday evening while Andy was at mutual, the kids and I, along with a different neighbor girl and her mom went on a walk.  I like Wednesday walks.

Thursday’s list was very long!  I was/am trying to get everything ready for the weekend of fun: crafting, reunion, birthday/anniversary/father’s day, and not to be made small at all, trek prep.  I completed almost everything and felt very good about that. I do my best to make manageable lists.  We also had a friend come over in the afternoon so she wouldn’t have to go on errands with her mom.

Friday I met my friend at the park (the one whose daughter I babysat while she went shopping) so that she could watch my kids while I went grocery shopping.  It was great to go alone and go pick up all the food and supplies I needed without distractions.

Some cute girls of mine with their friend at the park.

photo (7)

Friday night I went to a Ransom Made Design craft night.  We made these fun wood signs that say, “I pledge allegiance to the flag…”   Mine is going to hang outside my side door year-round because it’s never a bad time to be patriotic.


Saturday morning we went to Walla Walla to see my parents, all of my siblings, and all of my parents grandkids (except the one who lives in Ohio with his mom).  We had a big family picture and did some individual family pictures as well.  I liked this one of my family the best.


We had a real photographer come and take pictures.  Everyone wore red, white, and blue.

My dad is not too big or too old to play on the toys with his grandkids and they LOVE him so much for it.  I love watching them all play together.



Several years ago while I was at a church meeting or something Andy took our girls to a McDonald’s to eat dinner and play and they ran into my dad who was there with my brother and his son.  My dad got right in the playplace even at McDonald’s to play with the kids.  I have an awesome dad!

Olivia and Vincent (not his head pictured) loved this spinning toy at the playground.


My dad and I took about 14 of the 16 grandkids on a half hour hike near the park.  Abby was a little bit slow, but she walked the whole way.



My dad with a bunch of grandkids by the cherry trees at the end of the path.  Some guy who was running saw about six of the kids ahead of me at the beginning and asked me if they were all mine.  Seriously?!


The wildflowers were pretty, so I took a picture of my three cute girls.


Abby’s cousin brought her a wheat stalk to play with.  She carried it around for probably a good twenty minutes.


And finally we crossed back over the bridge (my dad with all of his granddaughters-currently) to go back to the group and have blueberry pie with ice cream.


The only downside was that the rice crispy treats I brought were gone when we got back and some kids were sad they didn’t get any.

Two of my brothers played kickball with the bigger kids.


The fun was winding down, but we went back to my parent’s house so Andy could help my mom with her wireless setup and the kids played with my brother’s kids and picked a LOT of strawberries.




I think they managed to fill all three gallon buckets at least halfway. They are great strawberry pickers.20130615_1669



Olivia and Vincent worked together on this bucketful.

20130615_1670Elizabeth picked, washed, and ate (almost single-handedly) this bucket of strawberries.  Luckily, she didn’t get sick.


We ended up staying for dinner and then had some ice cream cones.  The kids thought it was funny to make the cones into phones.


Wheelbarrow races….kind of. Uncle Brant was a little too heavy for Elizabeth.


Plenty of wrestling.


Abby LOVED this old key on a keychain that my mom had in with the toys.  She pretended to lock and unlock the back door over and over for probably an hour altogether.


She only really locked it once (by opening the door and locking it).


A team effort to make Derek giggle like crazy.

20130615_1710Birthday/Anniversary/Father’s Day to come.  Must blog before trek so when I get back I can blog about trek. =)

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