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Happy Father’s Day/Anniversary/Birthday!

on June 17, 2013

Father’s Day celebrations started on Saturday when my siblings were all together with my parents for some fun at a park.
I think my dad is so great and always so willing to go on walks with his grandkids, read with them, or do anything they’re interested in.

My kids have a wonderful dad too!  (I mean, I picked him, so I think he’s fantastic!)  He is a lot of fun, reads to them, teaches them, shares interests with them (video games, board games, maps, history, etc), and helps them so much.  They all love him!


And they all like to be silly too!


Andy and I celebrated our twelfth anniversary of our wedding when we went to Portland.  Here’s a flashback to us on our wedding day.


I love this picture! Every year just gets better and better.

Sunday at church we listened to wonderful talks and lessons (that is NOT sarcastic.  They were really good!)  Some nice ladies in the ward made cinnamon rolls for the men.  Since Andy doesn’t care for cinnamon, I get to eat his.  It’s the best!  I ate my roll for lunch and it was delicious!

After lunch I read a lot of facebook birthday greetings, took a lovely nap for a few hours, and then woke up to talk to a good friend on the phone for an hour.  It was worth every minute!  We went to dinner at Andy’s parent’s house and visited with family there.  Then we had red velvet cake and ice cream for my birthday.  It was yummy!


And it’s all these pictures that make me even more determined to lose that tummy!  Still, better than where I was 40 pounds ago!  (If you are looking for someone to really admire in the weight loss department, I’m not your girl.  Check out my friend’s blog where she talks about her 140 pound-and counting-weight loss! She’s amazing!)

I’m 31 now and plan on getting a year older (and hopefully wiser) every year.  Age is a good thing.  Plus, I have a ten year old little girl.  I NEED to age along with her.

Cleaning house and getting ready for company to come and take care of our kids while we go on the pioneer trek (and a birthday party, wedding reception, picnic…)  My mom posted a picture of me in the skirt and apron she made for me on her blog.  I’m sure my blog will see plenty of trek outfits in a week.


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