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Girls and Knives

on June 27, 2013

Elizabeth had a Stake Activity Day at a park all day Wednesday (girls ages 8-11) where they learned several new things and had a great time together.

I was able to go and hang out with Elizabeth, the girls from our ward, and some friends from a neighboring ward (total of 21 girls in our group) from 8:30am-3pm because my mother in law watched the other three kids for me.

First they were taught how to lead music and learned some camp songs.

The second station was a combo of roasting a biscuit on a stick and tying a fleece quilt to donate (not at the same time because that would be messy.)

Here’s Elizabeth putting her dough onto her roasting stick.


Next up was the games center.  I hadn’t ever seen this game before.  It’s called boardwalk and you have a partner you team up with, make your leg strong (90 degree angle) and then let someone walk over your board.  Once they get over your board, you move to the end they are walking towards so they can keep going.  The girls loved this, but only the four smallest girls had time to go.


They also taught the girls how to tie square knots in some rope and talked about binding families together.


Then we had lunch (and spudnuts for dessert because Elizabeth’s leader brought some.  Yum! -If you don’t know what spudnuts are, they are basically doughnuts made with potato flour.)

After lunch was the Safari Expedition.  We had a nature walk and then they shot targets with marshmallow guns.


The next station was talking about Heros and Friends and how you can find real friends and recognize heros in your life.

The final station was the much anticipated obstacle course.  It was all set to church centered activities. One was the iron rod balance beam.  This one is the “lengthen your stride” walk.  They had to step on each of the three corners of the triangle.  The jug of water is the burden they each had to carry through the obstacle.



This was a teamwork part of the obstacle course.  They had to hold hands with their team (four teams in the square with five or six girls) to make it across without stepping in the grass (lava).  The tiles had been rained on throughout the day and were breaking pretty quickly.  The idea was that a whole tile could have two feet total (you could share with one other person) and a broken one could only have one foot.  It took communication and effort to get through it.  If they were stuck, they were supposed to ask for help (prayer) helping them know they weren’t alone.  Then one of the ladies in charge would put a tile in their path where they needed it.  All they had to do was ask.



After we picked up the other three kids, we came home, rested, had some dinner, and then got ready for Andy’s Teacher Quorum to come over for mutual (I guess that means they were Venture Scouts instead of Teachers for the night…)

Andy prepared some metal at work a few days this week (it didn’t take too long) for the scouts to grind into knives. (His coworker sent me this picture).



While waiting for their turn, the boys practiced throwing knives into some stumps by our tree.  In this picture, the knife is between the house and the fence on the right.  You can sort of see it…


One of the knives in the stump.



The boys using the grinders to make their metal into sharp knives to throw.  I was doing my best to get pictures with the most sparks flying.  They weren’t hot and didn’t catch anything or anyone on fire.  Don’t worry.  (I did get the fire extinguisher out just in case and we had a pitcher of water.)


The four scouts who came and the Young Men’s Counselor over the Teacher’s Quorum.  They had a good time (and no one got hurt.)


Andy worked on this piece of metal he found that was used on a railroad track at some point.  He was making the edges smoother.









I convinced the tallest boy to stand on a stool and trim the tree that hangs over our driveway and roof from our neighbor’s tree.  He’s working at getting in shape at basketball camp, so I was just helping his strength training. =)



The other scouts used their new knives (and some of Andy’s) to hack away at our yucky trees that grow through the fence at the back of our driveway.  We filled up our yard garbage can with branches which was great because it gets picked up Thursday morning.




Elizabeth and Olivia helped the boys bust up the branches into small enough pieces to throw away.  Vincent and Abby went to bed early. They actually went right to sleep.  They must have been really tired.


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