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Clovers and Lakes

on June 30, 2013

Saturday we woke up to the sound of thunder.  It was super loud and there wasn’t even any rain (at least not in our area-there was rain in other areas near us.)  Then our power went out for the morning.  Andy went out and mowed the lawn and changed the oil in the car while I got the kids ready.  The power came back on just before we left.  Luckily, there was still enough hot water in the hot water tank for both of us to shower.

We went to Andy’s cousin’s daughter’s baptism and a barbecue at her parent’s house afterwards.  It was a very nice service and it was great to visit with so many of his cousins.

Abby picked some clover blossoms for me (after she finally calmed down from her huge fits–no nap makes that girl MAD!)  It was cute when she was happy.  She brought me handfuls of clover blossoms.


While the grownups visited, the girls played (all girls other than Vincent).  They were out in the sun, but moved under the shade tree to eat their fudgesicles and orangesicles.  It was so hot, the shade looked like a lovely place to be.


Abby napped on the way home and continued to nap after we got home and I laid her in her bed.

We changed into clean clothes and started some laundry before going to a park to meet up with some friends for a Single Adult Branch Reunion.  Since Andy and I met there, it was a lot of fun to see friends we knew from when we were there.  There isn’t normally a reunion.  It’s just something one of our friends thought would be fun since it’s been more than ten years since we’ve been there.  15 or so people came with their families.

Friday night our regular game night friends, Nathan and Robie, were in Canada and Seattle, but our former game night friend Darren was in town with his wife Sarah, so they brought an uncle and two cousins to play games.  The cousins were able to play on the Wii with Elizabeth and Olivia while the rest of us played Risk.  I actually got second place.  It was sort of fun.

Anyway, you may wonder why I interrupted the reunion with that tidbit, but it’s because of this next picture.  Darren and Sarah brought grapes to share at the park and offered them to our kids.  That’s just about all it took for those grapes to disappear.


I was at the single’s branch for a pretty short amount of time (married on my 19th birthday after all!), but two of my cousins were there at the same time.  One married Doug who is tickling Vincent here.  Vincent got a kick out of Doug.


And if you want a flashback a few years check out this post.

While Andy and I visited with our friends, the kids played at the playground and ran around.  Vincent played in this “lake” at the base of a tree.  He went on a search for the perfect big stick to use.


Abby liked playing in the water too.


It’s always better when you play together!


Good thing it was bath night!  They were so dirty from having such a fun day!


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