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Collection, Sewing, and Court

on July 3, 2013

After church on Sunday Abby was carrying around several things that I thought were an odd combination.  She played with all of them for quite awhile before I asked Andy to take her picture.

She had a play laptop, a little broom and dustpan, lipstick, and a hair dryer.  She always carried all of them at the same time.


This corduroy dress is one of my very favorites.  I bought it before Elizabeth was born for one of our nieces before realizing that the sizes were all off and this would be too small for her after she turned three, so I kept it.  It has a great little blue sweater that goes with it.  All three of my girls have worn it now so I’m glad I kept it.

Here’s the video of Abby playing with all of those toys she is holding in the picture:   http://youtu.be/xgsP9ne6g3M

Monday night we had several of Andy’s cousins over with their girls to play games while they are in town visiting.  Elizabeth and Olivia took the older girls to play a kid game in the living room with the baby gate up to keep the younger kids in the family room with the grown ups.  Vincent was already asleep when they got here.  He was TIRED.


Andy and I played Ticket to Ride and Apples to Apples with his cousins.   It was good to visit with them while we played.


This week has been so hot that we just stayed inside most of the days, or at least, as much as possible.

My mom came over Tuesday morning and brought a bag of fabric for Elizabeth and Olivia to use in their creations.  That’s kept them both very busy.

Wednesday morning Elizabeth gave Abby a lesson on how to sew a pillow.  Abby even sat in that chair to watch for awhile.


Two of the pillows Elizabeth made.  One is a daisy and one is a peach, for the Mario characters Peach and Daisy.


I love this lunch.


Wednesday night we went to a baptism for a girl in our ward and her cousin who comes to our ward often and then to an Eagle Court of Honor for two of our former Cub Scouts.


Where has time gone?  Good job, Scouts!

Happy Independence Day!


I braved the hot air to hang my sign by my side door, but after a few door slams, it fell and the bracing boards broke, so we’ll have to make it more secure before rehanging. =(  I still like it though!

Hope your Independence Day is spent having fun with those you love and remembering the reasons WHY we are free to do that in our country and the price many have paid for our freedom.


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