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Fourth of July

on July 5, 2013

One of the things I look forward to all year is our Ward 4th of July breakfast.  I just love big breakfasts and it’s fun to visit with people in our ward and their visiting kids and family.

Olivia and Abby were buddies in line.


And they were buddies walking on the wide wall that’s five or so feet high at the back of the grassy area.


Elizabeth liked the watermelon and played too.


Our buddy Nathan came to the breakfast to join us for the day of fun since his family doesn’t live close (and he just visited them last week).

We went up to Andy’s parent’s place in the mountains an hour and a half away.  The day was so clear and pretty, I had to take another picture of Mt. Hood.


Olivia and Vincent walked together holding hands to the clubhouse the kids are building a little more each time they visit with old wood and rocks.


I walked with Abby over to see how they were doing and she wanted to help put rocks down to line the path to the door.


Elizabeth went out to work with all of them as soon as I told her where they were.

Nathan and Andy had a competitive Risk game.


Then Olivia and I joined them for a second game.  Olivia dominated with her careful building up strategy that made us not want to fight her.


Vincent wanted his picture taken on the swing.


Abby had to have a picture too.


After lunch Andy and his dad drove the four-wheelers, mostly with kids.


Abby went for (what I’m pretty sure is) her first front seat ride with Grandpa George.


When her turn was done, she and Elizabeth pretended to drive the smaller four-wheeler.


When it was almost time to go, Abby was playing with this plant and I thought it was cute.


We always enjoy going up to the mountains.  This time was extra nice because in the sunshine it was nice and warm and in the shade, there was a great breeze that made the temperature perfect.

After that fun we went back to town and met up with my aunts and uncles and cousins and cousin’s kids and my Grandma Zora for a get-together.  It wasn’t everyone because plenty of people had plans or live far away, but it was wonderful to see everyone who was there.

Vincent doesn’t take long to warm up to people.  My cousin’s husband was relaxing after the dinner and Vincent just went right over to lay next to him.  He was copying everything he did as much as he could.


To complete our Fourth of July, we went home and the kids all had baths and put on pajamas and I made some microwave poppycock popcorn before we headed out to watch the fireworks that people around us (not on our block) set off.  Nathan, Andy, and Olivia played another Risk game before they came outside, but they didn’t miss much because the rest of us went out when it was still light outside.

Abby with her popcorn taking a picture.


Elizabeth enjoying her delicious popcorn.


And Vincent being silly with a popcorn mustache.


I didn’t try quite as hard this year to catch the fireworks with the camera, but I did get this one.


What a wonderful day!

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