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Swimming has consumed our lives

on July 10, 2013


This week and next is swimming lessons.  Normally, I’m lazy and we just drive, but last year when we went with buddies, we walked and it was nice.  This year we upped the fun* with bikes.  (*Vincent does NOT call it fun.)

I signed Elizabeth and Vincent up for one time.  Olivia was put on a waitlist.  I had hoped someone would drop out (sometimes sick or get hurt or need to be in a different class….) Last year one of the kids was on a waitlist and a few hours later they were in the class, so I wasn’t worried, until it was Monday morning and Olivia wasn’t in a class yet.

Abby and I signed up for another parent-tot swimming class.  The other kids sit and watch and dry off while we swim for the half hour class.

Olivia took pictures of Elizabeth and Vincent for me on the first day.

Elizabeth practicing some strokes.


Vincent (the one in the middle who’s ghost white and has a shaved head), must have gotten water in his eyes.



Me and Abby in our class.


Since it takes us awhile to get to class, we leave early just in case someone* takes an extra long time. (*Vincent) When we get there, we do sunscreen and then wait.  Here’s a few pictures before class on Tuesday.

All the kids on the bleachers (Olivia’s in her suit wishfully thinking she’ll swim since the day before the lady in charge at the pool wrote down my info.)



Vincent all slathered with sunscreen.


Such good kids (sometimes.)



All Olivia’s wishful thinking paid off.  I talked with the lady again and she found an extra instructor to join this class since a few other kids needed to be in it as well.  Yea!  Poor Olivia was going to end up having to watch swim lessons for two weeks and that is not fun at all!


It’s hard work to bike to swimming lessons.  It’s a little more than a mile and a half to get there and on the way home it’s uphill some of the way, so it’s a challenge, especially when they are tired and it takes us a good 40 minutes.  Vincent complains the most, but that’s pretty normal for him.  I made him take a nap one day and go to bed early the other two days.  He’s just wiped out from so much work.  Abby sits in the seat contently looking around and even fell asleep when we were almost home Tuesday.  Olivia and Elizabeth are buddies and stay together and we catch up to them at the main intersections I don’t let them cross alone.

My frames I bought at Kohl’s for really cheap a few weeks ago are now hanging and have prints in them.  I took that picture of a rose outside my house last May with my red camera on the day I got it.  The other picture is our wedding day with my bouquet and our rings.  I thought it worked well for in our room.  The prints are 12×12, so this fills up the whole wall nicely.



The rest of my week has been spent weeding (my poor, neglected garden…) and sleeping.  Biking and swimming wipes me out!

I’ve also been watching “Call the Midwife” season two while finishing some cross stitch projects.


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