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MorningStar House Party

on July 14, 2013

We were able to have a MorningStar Farms Fresh Grilling House Party at our house on Friday night.  (To learn about FREE House Party options and details, go here.)

Basically, I fill out an application for a party they say they have a sponsor for and then they pick some of the applicants to have a party at their house to try out the product.  They send a box of fun party supplies and gifts for guests of the party.  You just report what you liked and didn’t like about the product.
My past House Parties have been for Expo Markers, Skylander Spyro Wii game, and Foster Farms Fresh Chicken.

Here’s our group picture (they require that so they know how many people came to the party.)


We had a good time eating and hanging out with our friends.

The kids made their own little burgers with the MorningStar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger (no meat).


Most of the kids ate all of it.  A few thought it was too spicy for them.


Olivia filled her plate with her burger, Elizabeth’s fruit salad, cantaloupe,  veggies, and french fries.


We always have fun with friends over and this was no exception.  The kids enjoyed running and playing in the backyard.  They even played with the frisbee they sent us (until after the first throw it went over the fence and the dog back there bit it before the neighbor threw it back over.)

We even played games with most of our friends after the party.

Thanks, MorningStar Farms and House Party!


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