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Swimming Lessons Part Two

on July 21, 2013

I told you that swimming lessons took over, didn’t I?

Well, we’ve been so busy doing that for three hours a day in addition to plenty of other things, that this little blog of mine hasn’t been updated for nearly a week!  Almost unheard of (for me…)

To make up for it, I uploaded several videos of our fun and a bonus one of Abby playing the piano last Sunday at my in laws.  Too bad they won’t embed on here anymore like they are supposed to… Link here!

Abby was playing a lot better before I started videoing.  I think she’s pretty cute and I still love that dress I bought from my favorite thrift store for a dollar (that happens to be a GAP dress).



Olivia wanted to be shy about her freshly lost tooth.


She lost the fourth tooth on the top this week.  She’s hoping for a lot of soft dinners for awhile.





This is what the kids looked like going to swimming lessons for the last two weeks.


And Abby and I on my bike.



There were actually three days this week we didn’t bike.  The Friday before I walked my bike home going Vincent’s trike speed so Andy moved the baby seat over to the other bike on Saturday, but by Monday my tire was flat.  Andy pumped it back up on Tuesday morning before he went to work, but it was still flat, so riding was a no go (which was fine because I spent hours in my (sunflower infested) garden instead.  Wednesday the kids rode while I walked and Abby was on Vincent’s trike because the baby seat was rubbing on the tire and the back brake was stuck.  Thursday we drove so we could go to the library first.  Friday we rode and although it was always slow coming home, I’m glad we did it!

After waiting for Elizabeth’s and Vincent’s lessons Abby is always more than ready to shed her clothes and get in the pool.


Elizabeth playing on the last day of swimming lessons.


Abby and I in the pool.  Abby’s a good little fish.  She’s got the kicking and arms down and is even almost okay with going under.  She’s gotten better at blowing bubbles in the water and her teacher said she’d be ready for minnows next summer.





Vincent’s had a good time in minnows (imagine that.  Vincent having a good time!)  His teachers said he’s good at everything other than hanging onto the wall when it’s not his turn (he likes to do extra bobs and swim around too much) and he needs to listen more.  Why am I not surprised?  Other than those things though, he was ready to move up to Otters.


Vincent on the diving board.  His teacher ended up dropping him in.

Vincent diving board video.


Olivia on the diving board.  No video.  Elizabeth had the camera and wanted to go read her book…  She did it and then did it a few more times and even climbed the ladder to the higher diving board, but changed her mind.


Abby swimming with me video.

Abby diving video (plus a bonus of me and my lousy diving/swimming skills in action).

Still debating whether we should do another set of lessons this summer.  We’ll see!


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