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Tri Ward Campout

on July 21, 2013

We had two hours after getting home from swimming lessons to bath/shower, eat lunch, finish some laundry, and pack for our campout.  We managed somehow and left on time.

We picked up some dinner at Winco on our way out of town (our favorite hoagie, chips, capri suns, and licorice to share at the gathering.)

Here’s how Abby and Elizabeth kept busy.  Untying shoelaces and reading.


Vincent sits in the third row of the car next to the bonus seat that folds down flat to hold all of our stuff.  One of my favorite things is making everything fit into the car before we go. It’s a fun challenge to me.


Olivia was reading too.  This is probably the only picture of me on this trip since I was the main picture taker.  That’s a lot of the fun I have on trips too!


When we got to Teancum Timbers we picked a campsite and unloaded the car.  The yellow jackets were out of control when we started eating.  Vincent finally moved to a chair instead of the picnic table for a tiny bit of relief.


Elizabeth and Olivia wanted to go walking around with me when I said hi to our friends and met some new people (since this was our first tri-ward campout with two neighboring wards, one of which was created from the two other wards.)


We walked around trying to give Vincent some extra time to finish his dinner before we went on a hike.  Andy was resting while Vincent ate.


Vincent finally finished his food.  Here he’s throwing a flat rock that he said was shaped like a dart at a tree.


Gotta have a walking stick.


At the amphitheater up the hill from the bridge.


We hiked across the middle of the hill overlooking the campsites and spotted Andy and Abby.  Andy built a fire.  Abby had been sleeping in our car since we got there (in the shade, with the doors open, and right next to us) and finally woke up.  Abby was excitedly waving at us after she heard us call her.


That tent was already there when we got there.  It’s a cool canvas tent like the ones I used to camp in when I went to Girl’s Camp at Teancum Timbers, but they were set up semi-permanently all over the camp.  Andy thought it was great to not have to set up our tent.

There were plenty of wildflowers to take pictures of while we hiked.


Olivia and Vincent near the end of that path because it got too steep and narrow.

20130719_2200Olivia stick surfing down the hill on our hike.


Abby eating her dinner and trying to shoo the bees away.20130719_2216

The fun hammock that was there last year.  The kids loved it.


Some friends asked if they could use our fire to cook their hotdogs and we said they could and then one of our kids told them that we forgot the marshmallows.  They brought some over while we ziplined so we roasted a few.


Elizabeth on the zipline.  I love that everything’s blurry except her.


I hung out with Vincent by our fire for a little while roasting a second marshmallow.


Unfortunately, the sheriff came by and told the camp host that the fire danger was extremely high and not low like the host thought it was (and how it was posted), so we all had to put our fires out.

We had a dessert potluck and a talent show.  There was juggling, singing, magic tricks, jokes, and a few Olivia cartwheels.  The dessert was delicious.  Out of the three wards, one had way more people than the other two combined.  Our ward was one of the smaller represented wards with us and just four more people, but it was still a lot of fun!  Andy was the representative from our ward and was mainly in charge of the talent show, but also helped with the breakfast Saturday morning.

We went to bed in our tent about 10pm and slept pretty well.  I only had to get up and take a kid to the bathroom once (and there weren’t any accidents either-those are no fun when camping–or anytime really.)

Olivia had to go to the bathroom after it was light out, so we asked her what time it was when she got back (phone in locked car and watch at home) and she told Andy it was almost 8am, so he went up to help with breakfast while the rest of us slept a little more.  Once everyone woke up we got dressed and headed up to the eating area and it was only 8:10.  Andy said he got up there at 7:10 because Olivia read the clock wrong.  Oops.

Right after our loaded breakfast burritos (with attacks from the yellow jackets-no bites on us though!) the kids wanted to play in the Touchet River.  It’s super cold and shallow so we don’t bother with swimming suits.

Here’s Elizabeth wading down the river looking for a little girl’s flipflop she lost downriver.  The kids actually found both of them for her.


Andy with Vincent and Abby watching the kids in the water before Andy went to roll up sleeping bags and make everything ready for me to load up the car.


I took Vincent, Abby, and a friend up on a little hike since Abby didn’t get to go the day before.  When we got back Vincent and Abby wanted to play in the water too.

Vincent with a crawdad he found in the river.  I think this one was found by someone else first because it was dead.


Olivia always likes to be Abby’s buddy.  She didn’t hold her like that very long since the rocks are slippery (but she didn’t drop her either!)


We played for a bit Saturday morning before loading up and heading home.  It didn’t take long for three out of four kids to be asleep.

Proof of a good campout!


Vincent was so tired back in his corner.


We weren’t packed as tight on the way home because we brought a big water jug with us and all of the paper goods for the breakfast, but we let other people bring them home.

We got home at 2pm and unloaded, started laundry, cleaned up, and got ready for the evening event with our stake.

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