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Dentist and Books

on July 22, 2013

All four kids had their dental check up Monday morning.  I love that I can take them in all at the same time.

Abby finally cooperated!


I told her she wouldn’t get the special coin to ‘buy’ a toy out of the machine afterwards if she didn’t keep her mouth open like she was supposed to.  Much, much better than six months ago when she clamped up.

She got all checked by my dental assistant friend and the dentist and was declared to have NO cavities.  Yea!  They did some sealants on her teeth to try to keep it that way.


Elizabeth was also a cavity free girl, but Olivia has a little one and Vincent has a cavity and one of his silver teeth needs to be pulled out.  Ouch!  Poor guy has inherited bad teeth. =(

After the dentist we went to a used book store with our library reading program prizes of $6 at the store for each of the kids.  They all found some fun books.  I think Vincent’s is the best one.  It’s a crocodile book that has a plastic crocodile skeleton and teaches all about crocodiles (nearly $20 on Amazon and it was $5 at the used book store.)  Pretty cool for an inquisitive boy like Vincent.  Olivia read it to him before lunch. 20130722_2303

After the used book store we went to my favorite thrift store to find some jeans and shorts for Elizabeth.  She has grown out of most of the ones I bought over the last two summers and since there’s a lot of summer left, she needed some new (or, even better, used) ones.  We found  two pairs of jeans and three pairs of shorts and they were each $1.50.  Can’t beat that anywhere!  The lady at the front gave them each some Hawaiian shell necklaces because she said that the necklaces had been there a long time.  I walked out with a whole bag of clothes, happy kids, and even a funny washcloth puppet Vincent found for $10.

Then we headed to the library to pick up a few things.  We love the library!

Vincent built this seven eyed monster out of the blocks there.


Elizabeth hurried to finish one of her library books when we got home (while brushing her teeth with her new toothbrush).  She finished before lunch and moved on to the next book in the series that she’s trying to hurry and finish before Wednesday.


While Abby had a nap and Elizabeth and Vincent watched a movie, Olivia and I went to a hair stylist’s house and I had my eyebrows waxed and Olivia had a haircut so her hair isn’t in her eyes so much.  It looks much better now.

On the way home from there we stopped at a friend’s house to help them fix it up a little since they moved.  We were able to wash some baseboards and clean out closet shelves and do a few other random things so a guy they hired could come and paint it all this afternoon.  We weren’t there very long because they had plenty of help and I don’t like to let Elizabeth use her “babysitting skills” too long yet.

And then I had a nap.  Time to go finish making Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner!


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