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Road Trip Funnies

on July 31, 2013

Maybe you already had enough Ransom Reunion overload from this post, but I realized while cleaning out my purse that I forgot some things.  I wrote down some funny things the kids said in the stuff truck the first day when we were driving for so long that I meant to share.

As we drove through Spokane (only 2 1/2 hours from home on our 13 1/2 hour trip there…), Olivia saw an RV pulling a car and asked, “Why is that tiny car pushing that huge one up this hill?”

Vincent asked when he saw a bee, “Why are bees called yellow jackets and not yellow and black jackets?”

Picture of a dragonfly, not a bee… This blue and black dragonfly was in Yellowstone.


As we went along sometimes Andy and his mom would talk using the walkie talkies we each had for when there wasn’t any reception with our cell phones. Vincent and Abby would all repeat anything Andy said.  They would also repeat Andy when he was changing things on the GPS with voice command.  Olivia had a tough job of trying to keep them quiet back there!

When the walkie talkie would make noise, it seemed to remind Abby that Elizabeth wasn’t in our car.  She’d ask, “Elizabeeeth, where are you????” over and over.



Vincent picked out a little stuffed moose in Yellowstone and named him Vincent, just like most of his other stuffed animals…

Something else that happened on our road trip that’s not so funny, but I was really touched by it was when we stopped at a gas station in St. Regis (it was also a fancy restaurant, casino, gallery, and had really good bathrooms!)  Andy asked me to ring up our treats and I sent the kids out to the truck with their buddies so they’d stop messing with stuff.  The cashier was ringing our stuff up and on the second item the screen didn’t change from the first item even though I heard a beep and he went to put it in the bag, so I told him and he redid it and thanked me.  I told him that I should tell him since I noticed and he told me, “well, I guess that depends on what kind of morals you have.”  I said, “I have THAT kind of morals.”  A fifty cent treat is not worth lying about, although to me, even a $500 something is not worth lying about.

That story reminded me of a story I heard growing up about my grandparents stop at a gas station.  They needed to write a check out of town and the cashier wasn’t sure about accepting it and they told her, “A Crowther is honest.”  (I think that’s the story at least.  I mostly just remember that a Crowther is honest.)

I don’t have road tripping stories about Elizabeth because she was in the party van for nearly the whole trip and they kept telling me she behaved, so we didn’t want to rock the boat too much.


One response to “Road Trip Funnies

  1. I am glad you write the funnies down, Thanks for sharing them. The check story was at the cheese place by Rexburg. Grandma also told them that they had just dropped their son at Rick’s College. It was right after Nathan had returned from his Mission.

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