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Friends, balloons, and limbs

on August 4, 2013

Even after Abby’s experience Monday, she was acting perfectly fine the rest of that evening and the next day, so we still went to a going away party Tuesday night for our friends whose daughter did preschool with Vincent.  Andy and I also went to their sealing at the Portland Temple in May.

Vincent is so fun.  I wonder if his prom pictures will look like this… Can you imagine?


It’s never all that fun to say goodbye, but I’m happy for their new circumstances that will make their job and family situation better.

A little Abby update:

She is up to all of her normal antics, just only with one hand.  It doesn’t seem to slow her down one bit.  In fact, Thursday I walked into the kitchen to find pancake mix dust all over the floor.  I was happy that I didn’t mop the floor like I planned on doing Wednesday, and that Abby’s feeling well, but it was still a pain.  But, like a smart friend of mine said, “The alternative is dismal”.   Pancake mix is cheap and easy to sweep and I sure do love that girl who was throwing it in the air and pretending it was fairy dust.  However, she had to have a bath after that because it was all in her hair and her hand bandage, so I did that and had to take the bandage off and replace it with a sock until her appointment Friday afternoon.  She didn’t mind the sock at all.

Thursday my sister in law had a baby shower for her baby girl.  It’s going to be fun to have another niece around here!  I took my mom and Olivia and Abby with me while my brother Jeff took Andy, Elizabeth, and Vincent to Elizabeth’s jujitsu class.

Friday we went to the doctor and after soaking the cotton gauze in peroxide and saline so it would come off of her finger (can’t rip it off!), the doctor gave me a high five because her finger looked great.  The tip is pink, which is just what we hoped for.  Even the top of the fingernail is pink, but the fingernail base is black from the trauma.  We’ll see how it does in another week and then again in another month or so.  I’m just glad her fingertip reattachment worked.  Prayers were answered for sure.

Friday night my brother spent the night after game night before heading out to Missouri via Wyoming to visit my other new niece for her blessing.

Saturday morning I took Olivia to the ballet studio to sign up for her fall ballet classes.  She will now be in class twice a week instead of just once a week.

The ballet studio is starting a new preschool in one of their big ballet rooms.  Olivia made a pattern with some shapes while I signed her up.


A local clown made this balloon animal for Olivia. I think she chose a bunny on a leash (the clown had pictures).


It doesn’t look much like that to me, but it popped minutes later anyway when it got close to the asphalt in the parking lot, so it didn’t matter.  Luckily, Olivia’s big enough she didn’t cry or demand to get another one or anything.


Olivia and I then did the grocery shopping I needed to get done and came home to rest for the remainder of the day.

My foot is quite bruised and sore still from where I hurt it at our reunion.


See the dark bruising at the base of my toes and right above my heel?  I can still walk on it, but I’ve been trying to keep it elevated and iced several times a day while I nap or read.

I’m a little sad summer is coming to an end.  I need to start buying school supplies when they are on sale with THREE kids going to school and take them each to pick one new outfit.  Since their drawers are stuffed with clothes already, there’s no need for a whole new wardrobe.

One response to “Friends, balloons, and limbs

  1. I’m glad Abigail had a good report at the Dr. Your foot looks worse than it did on Thursday. School shopping for the supplies and just one outfit, have fun. I remember sewing for back to school.

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