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Summer Countdown

on August 9, 2013

*Many school outfits picked out.

I took the kids shopping Wednesday and they each had a certain amount of money and used it as they saw fit so they got different amounts of school clothes.
Elizabeth picked out two shirts and decided on her new “look” for this coming fifth grade year.
Olivia picked one outfit that is a shirt with a scarf and leggings for third grade.
Vincent found five awesome shirts since he doesn’t need new pants right now and I’m so excited for him to go to kindergarten this year!

*Three sets of school supplies purchased.

*Two new backpacks (one will survive another year).

*One bedroom rearranged.

*And TWO whole weeks left of summer to enjoy!


One response to “Summer Countdown

  1. What, NO Pictures??? They’ll need to have a Fashion Show to show their new ‘look’.

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