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Skating and a Bat. wet.

on August 20, 2013

The kids all did their reading for the library reading program and got a trip to Rollarena Skating Rink Monday night, well, except for Abby because she’s not five…

Here are Elizabeth, Olivia, and Vincent all a few inches taller.


Vincent trying out no hands.  There was a nice boy who came over and offered to show Vincent how to stand up correctly after he fell down.  Vincent used the boy’s little tricks the rest of the time whenever he fell.

Olivia just a little ahead of me without holding the side or hands.


By the end Vincent was pretty tired (and hot!  Look at his red cheeks and sweaty head!) so he held onto the wall again.


Tuesday night while Andy was at jujitsu with Elizabeth the rest of us went outside to play.  Vincent wanted to be a bat (not Batman though, just a bat.)


Abby on a ride on the trike in the black ballerina dress up she was wearing all day.  Don’t YOU wear your ballerina outfit to play?


Vincent’s bat boy outfit.  He has a whole black costume for his body, but took it off for playing outside.


Abby cheesing it up for me.  She’s so adorable.



Olivia rode her bike and our neighbor friends came over to play with her.  Then we went across the street because the kids wanted to pet the neighbor dog, so we visited them for a little while.  My neighbor was putting out her sprinkler as we came across the road and the kids went and played in it in their clothes.


They asked me, and I figured, “Why not? It’s summer and warm and that’s fun.”  What’s better than a warm summer evening running through the sprinklers?

ONE week until school starts!  More fun ahead!


One response to “Skating and a Bat. wet.

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    You are making the most of what is left of Summer. Wish I could have come to play this week of the Benton Franklin Fair. Exciting time coming up for your children. Better than running through sprinklers in Summer? UMMMMM Swimming in a real Pool or Private Beach by the Ocean, maybe?

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