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on August 23, 2013





Our Primary had a Back to School Bash Thursday morning. The kids played fun games, like this water balloon toss (Elizabeth’s catching a balloon there.)20130822_2720

Abby and Olivia were buddies.  They dropped their balloon just as I took this picture, but the balloon behind them was looking pretty good.




Another game was a relay with several lines of kids.  Each person in the line had to go across the field a different way.  If someone cartwheeled across no one else in their line could.  Since someone did just that, Olivia rolled across.


This game was a “get dressed for school” game.  There was some large sized clothes to put on and take off and they took turns doing that.


And then they had ice cream!  I thought the idea they had was very clever.  They just unwrapped ice cream bars, split them in half, and then put ice cream sundae things on them instead of having to scoop out ice cream and making everything take a long time and making a mess.


Abby liked her ice cream too.


After we got home Vincent wanted to try out the roller skates that Santa brought for Elizabeth years ago.  They barely fit him, but he’s still pretty happy with them.


He even has elbow pads.


This is how he likes to skate though….with his hands pushing the wheels….


Hopefully he can figure it out before they are really too small for him.

At the primary party Elizabeth and her friends talked about playing that afternoon because they really haven’t all summer.  One mom was going to be cleaning and packing for a trip and the other boy is with his grandma all day so they came to our house after lunch.


I tried out a recipe for banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from the Six Sisters Cookbook.

The girls walked them to one of their houses when it was almost time for them to go to activity days (they let Olivia come even though she wasn’t quite eight yet.)

We delivered some cookies to our neighbor who came over and fixed our dryer a little last week (he agreed to that kind of payment.  Yea!)

While they were at activity days Vincent and Abby and I visited a friend and her new baby with some cookies too.

We came home and made dinner for us and two friends who came over to play while their parents went to a meeting.  Then my friend mentioned that she was going to the store and I asked if she’d buy the things I needed for Olivia’s cheesecake that I hadn’t bought yet, but needed to make.  She’s awesome and totally did and delivered them.  Olivia has decided that she really likes cheesecake and wanted it for her birthday (which is TODAY!)  I made two REAL cheesecakes and some delicious strawberry pie filling with strawberries from my mom’s garden (mine all get eaten too quickly to freeze).  I made two extra pie crusts and filled one with chocolate pudding and another with cream cheese and vanilla pudding (easy fake cheesecake).  I like them all!

I’ve been working on all kinds of great ideas for PTA and I’m already starting to see some changes.  I’m so excited!  If you want to know about it, just mention PTA when you call me and expect a five minute excited story. The big change this year is the Classroom Parent Representatives (CPR).  I wrote a letter to go home in each envelope with the teacher placement letter that explained what PTA does for our school and the events we run as well as our goals for the year (more involvement including CPRs and our Outdoor Classroom Pavilion that will be built this summer).  I checked the PTA email today and had THREE emails (which I think is a lot since school hasn’t even started yet) from parents wanting to know more about being a CPR.  All three of them haven’t been very involved in the past which makes me excited because the little bit a lot more of us do, the less a few of us have to do (or feel like we have to do.) Anyway, that’s the PTA lowdown for right now.  Cheesecake can go in the fridge now, so it’s time for bed.


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