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8 is GREAT!

on August 24, 2013

Olivia’s eight now.   Not little like this baby anymore… 20050926c

She was so excited to open up her presents from us, but she had to wait until Andy was home from work.  She was a good sport about it.

We bought her a triple combination with The Book of Mormon in it.


She already has a Bible that she bid on at the McClellan reunion last year.  It was Grandma Ellen’s Bible and that’s special enough to keep and just make a set (the BOM was sold separately at our family auction.)  At some point, probably when she starts seminary in high school, we’ll buy her a quad with everything all in one.

I am pretty sure she liked it.


We gave her those fun bow earrings too (purchased at Utopia Boutique. Go check it out.  Great stuff there.)

Friday night we had game night with our friends and played some Scum with our girls and ate some yummy pudding cheesecake and chocolate pudding pie, along with a delicious chocolate cake that Nathan brought to share.

Friday night I made sure our toys were all put away right (the kids have just been throwing them wherever all summer and it bugs me.) and organized the family room.

Saturday was Olivia’s friend party.  She requested a cheesecake for her birthday because she doesn’t like regular cake or frosting much…she’ll still eat it though.

I finally used the little fancy cheesecake pan that I got when I signed up for some magazine years ago.



My mom let Olivia borrow this fun happy birthday dress that she made for my sister when she was little.  I think Olivia’s small enough she may even be able to wear it another year.


Her friends came over just after Abby laid down for her nap and woke up when only one girl was left to be picked up.  It was perfect.

Olivia wanted to make bracelets, but when we went to the store, she liked these wooden birdhouses better.  They were just 89 cents each and then we found big bottles of paint for just over a dollar each (other than the glitter paint, but those bottles are bigger and fun).

The kids all enjoyed making their birdhouses their own way.  We put one color on each plate and passed around that plate with the colored foam brush so they didn’t have to wash the foam brushes and have soggy brushes to paint with or plates full of unused paint.  It worked out very well.  They all shared nicely and liked the birdhouses.




One of the friends wasn’t able to come, so Olivia let Vincent paint the extra birdhouse.  He put the foam brush into the birdhouse and it got stuck.  He was very happy to be included in the party.





Here’s Olivia’s birdhouse up to that point.  Many of the girls repainted if they didn’t like it, which is to be expected and they were all satisfied at the end.




Then came the fingernail painting!  Olivia picked out several bottles of fingernail polish for her friends to choose from.  We had the table covered with wrapping paper to protect it from the paint so we just put a little paper towel down so they could paint their fingernails.  Once that was done, we took all the paper off and tossed it out.20130824_2823

Strawberry Cheesecake time!


It was delicious.  Some of the kids didn’t want cheesecake at first and chose chocolate cake (the leftovers from the night before), but after they ate those, they all tried the cheesecake and liked it.  Yea!

Olivia is a fantastic present opener.  She likes almost everything and is always polite.  She really does like the gifts she received and all of her friends.



They had a fun dance party under the streamers.  Everyone decided to hold hands and go in a circle around Olivia with her spinning in the middle the opposite way.  They were all giggling and having a great time.


And a final parting shot with everyone.



Sunday night Olivia will be baptized, to complete the weekend she’s been counting down to for a year (or longer).


One response to “8 is GREAT!

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Grandma C is excited to come and see Olivia Tomorrow and hope to get to take her out on Monday sometime for the Grandchild turning 8 Date with me.

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