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Back to School

on August 28, 2013




School is back in session.  It just started today.  I always liked school and know how much the kids grow and learn when they go and I’m not much of a sentimental kind of person, I guess, because I don’t cry one bit.  I’m always just so excited for them!

Elizabeth is starting fifth grade.  Olivia is in third grade.  Vincent will be in kindergarten.


Today Vincent had his assessment, tomorrow we’ll find out which teacher he gets and then Friday he’ll go to school…sort of.  I have to go with him for more than an hour and then go back a half hour later to get him, so really he starts next Tuesday after Labor Day.

This will be the only year I have three kids in the same school (Abby’s three years younger than Vincent so when she starts school, Elizabeth and Olivia will be in middle school).  Here the kids are all lined up ready to go.


Abby and Vincent both have just books in their backpacks to keep them busy while we waited for the assessment and for me to help with our PTA table by the assessments so we could talk to parents while they waited for their student and tell them about PTA.

I really love Vincent’s backpack.  Monster’s, Inc. was one of the movies Andy and I watched in the movie theater before we had any of our kids.  We’ll buy the new movie whenever it comes out too.


Vincent’s into fun monster shirts and they were on sale, so expect more of those.  Isn’t it fun?




Here’s Olivia’s freshened up backpack.  The bottom had a little hole in it and I did buy her a new backpack and then returned it when Andy reminded me how much this backpack cost just last year.  The zippers still work great, so I added some fabric Olivia chose from my stash with some tougher fabric to the bottom.  Good as new and she likes it.



This is the outfit Olivia picked when we went shopping.  It came with the scarf, shirt, and leggings.

20130828_2988Elizabeth liked this shirt with the attached tanktop underneath and the skinny pink belt for her new style.


Elizabeth split off from us when we got to the school to do her Peer Helpers duties, but we took Olivia to her classroom to meet her teacher and find her desk.



Olivia was assigned to be in a third/fourth combo class, but they had to shift things around last Friday and only have three third grade classes instead of 3 1/2, so they added more kids to her class and moved one of the third grade teachers down to kindergarten (kicking out the new kindergarten teacher who had her room all set up and now that teacher’s going to another school and teaching second grade.  The District decides those things depending on the final numbers after everyone finally registers.)  But that means that both kindergarten teachers are teachers who have already had our girls in class, so I know them well.

After we finished at the school we caught the last bit of library storytime and replaced another library book that Abby destroyed.  I don’t think we had any library fines until Abby came along….maybe one.  That girl! Good thing we love her!

Vincent got his library card today.  He’s pretty excited about it.



We are full of anticipation about the new school year and planning to enjoy every bit of it.

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