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on August 31, 2013

This little boy went to his first day of kindergarten on Friday.


His shirt has a monster face on it, so he was making a monster face.  Pretty good, don’t you think?

This boy is happy to start kindergarten and have the teacher with “curly, dark hair” that Elizabeth and Olivia both had.


And this little boy is getting frustrated that the picture isn’t turning out like he wanted.  (I think it’s all in the holding of the pencil…)





That’s better.  Much better.



He was still frustrated and kept saying that he “didn’t sleep at ALL last night”.  It was quite the drama for him.

Two people very excited about a year of kindergarten.



The parents were invited for the first hour of kindergarten and then the kids stayed for the second hour until we picked them up (Friday is a shortened day).  Vincent had a very good time.  Abby kept asking where Vincent was.  I think she’ll have some adjusting time.

Saturday I had Olivia’s pictures taken at JCPenney in the special baptism dress.  Check them out here.  I have many photographer friends, but none who I could get this many pictures for $6 and I like the pictures I got just fine.  After pictures I took Olivia to get a free cupcake at Barnes and Noble for her birthday.  Then we went to Kohl’s to pick some birthday presents for our family with September birthdays (there are a lot!)  At the end of our mother-daughter time, we had enough time leftover to go and see Grandma Zora.  Actually at Kohl’s, I mentioned that if we had enough time we’d go see her, so Olivia was VERY decisive and was walking very fast to make sure we’d have time.  Love my grandma!
Grandma told me a story I’d never heard before about my dad when I mentioned that Olivia had been assigned a 3rd/4th class originally (now it’s just 3rd).  She said that my dad was in 4th grade and there weren’t many students, the 5th grade had a lot of kids, and the 6th grade only had six kids, so they combined the 4th and 6th grades.  Can you imagine?  Grandma told me that the teacher would teach the 4th graders and then have them do their assignment while he taught the 6th graders at the blackboard and my dad learned to concentrate from this class, a skill that he has used throughout his life.   She also said that the 6th graders weren’t very nice to the 4th graders and bullied them.  If you know my dad, you probably know that he is the definition of calm.  I’m pretty sure I can count the number of times I’ve seen him upset on less than a hand.  Well, Grandma said that he used his own money and bought some kind of ball (she couldn’t remember which kind) and he took it to school and those 6th graders took it from him.  Isn’t that so sad?  She didn’t quite finish with any real conclusion, so I assume they just let it go and didn’t have a big fit about it.

When I got home, I saw my friend’s status that her wedding reception was Saturday night.  I hadn’t gotten an invite, even though I talked with her about it, but I wanted to go, so I messaged her and found out the details.  She said that several people they sent invites to didn’t get them, so I guess mine was one of those.  I used to babysit this girl.  Isn’t she gorgeous?





And her husband just took the Bar Exam to be a lawyer.
It was great to see her and visit for a bit.  I took Elizabeth and Olivia with me and left everyone else home so the littles could go to bed.  They were tired and cranky.  I was able to visit with so many people I know from when I lived in Burbank.  It was great to have big, huge hugs and tell some of my Young Women’s leaders how much I learned from them.  I mentioned to my girls that one of them used to have tons of apples and she said she still did and I said that we made apple cider at a mutual and she was surprised I remembered.  She was/is so much fun!  And everyone asked about my siblings and parents and said they missed them too.

I told the girls a story on the way over about one of the times I babysat Emily (the bride) and her two younger brothers, their English mother called the boys up from playing their video game in the basement before she left and asked them to go out to the garden before dinner and pick some tomatoes.  Then she said good-bye to them and they went back downstairs (it wasn’t time for dinner yet).  I thought it would be a big struggle to get them to do what she asked and was sort of dreading calling them up when just a few minutes later, they both came right up and did what she’d asked.  Another time I babysat them it was bedtime and so I sent them upstairs to get ready and when I came up to check on them a few minutes later, they had changed into their pajamas, brushed their teeth, and they were in bed reading books.  Amazing!

I decided then I wanted kids who behaved like her kids.  I guess I need to speak, act, and discipline like she did to get those results…..  I have work to do, don’t I, if I want kids like that?


One response to “Beginnings

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Glad for Vincent and You to have him start school. It will be quiet at your house without only one child. LOL Lucky you! I love OIlivia’s Pictures. Thanks for representing the family at Burbank.

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