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on September 10, 2013

I’m sure I’m not the only mom who thinks their kids are smart.

I helped with a display board for Olivia’s third grade class and the neighboring fourth grade class that her class is teaming up with this year for several different projects.  They all made their own superhero trading cards with the things they are best at so they can see who is good at things they struggle with and learn from them.  Another mom and I put up the display so I took these pictures of Olivia’s superhero card.  The students typed up their own description too.


Olivia is Mathematical: If someone needs help with their math problem I can help.  I can subtract, add, divide, and multiply.

Olivia is Neat: Before I start something I think of someway to make it neat.  I can make my desk and pencil box neat.

The teachers wanted a kind of POW, BANG, BOOM cutout look to go underneath the cards.  The students all have baseball card sized cards to trade as well.  (The empty ones are for the kids who didn’t finish their card yet.)


One thing I thought was funny (since I like to find misspellings) is that one kid put that he has “strenhgt” and he’s a genius.

Vincent drew this after school on Monday.  It’s him as a fly with a baby fly.


Oh man, this kid still needs naps!  This was right before dinner.  She didn’t sleep long, but it must have been just enough to make her not want to fall asleep at bedtime.


She was holding the sunglasses and Vincent put them on her.  We found them at Kohl’s today for $2.

I’m not sure if this video will show up.  If not, go to this link on YouTube.

Olivia asked at dinner if WORD was a bad word.  She said there was a rhyme she learned at recess and they said WORD at the end and she wanted to make sure she didn’t say a bad word.  It’s just the WORD as though they are agreeing, so I told her it was okay.  She taught the little song to Vincent and they sang it together on this video.  (The word that sounds like poop is poof.)

Always entertaining at my house!

I’m in an Ugly Sofa Contest from Mor Furniture here.  Vote for my ugly couch so I can win a new one.  You can vote daily.

Also, Elizabeth is fundraising for her Camp Wooten fifth grade trip in the Spring.  They have outdoor education in science and math and other areas for a week with their teachers, community volunteers, parents, and some high schoolers. I hear it’s a lot of fun (and educational too!)  Elizabeth’s teacher has gone to Camp Wooten for 35 years and has it down to a science!  I may even get to go and be a cabin mom or something. =)

Mixed Bag Designs sells awesome, durable, reusable bags of all shapes, sizes, and patterns. Check out their site and feel free to purchase some bags under the ID: 63045 and Elizabeth Ransom as the student at the top of the main page where is says enter fundraiser ID.
Another fundraiser option for Elizabeth’s Camp Wooten funds is Fun Pasta and they have pasta with seasonings in many different shapes, including collegiate themed, animals, holidays, and they even have a gluten free option.
Don’t feel like you have to contribute, but I thought I’d share it so no one feels left out.  THANKS!

One response to “Smarties

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    So not only will your MIL say she has the Cutest Grandchildren now she and I can say we have the “Smartest” ones too??? Nice to have a good attitude about being smart.

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