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Jumping around

on September 16, 2013

Saturday was one busy day!  Well, after we woke up it was busy anyway.  The kids got up at their normal time, but took care of themselves so Andy and I slept in until 11am.  It was NICE!  Our independance training is paying off!  (You should also know that Friday night after our regular game night I went grocery shopping and didn’t even finish putting groceries away until 12:40 and then I watched a movie until nearly 3am….although I normally stay up until 2am, so it’s not that much different…

Then the fun started!  Elizabeth went to Nutcracker tryouts for her age group.  Even though she isn’t currently in a dance class, anyone can try out.  We’ll see if they have a part for her.  The determine it more on costumes and how many fit across the stage and all of those other things than if you are the most beautiful dancer, since the last two years she’s been a soldier and they don’t dance anyway, just march and pretend fight.

Right after her tryout Elizabeth went to a classmate’s birthday party at the new trampoline park.  She had a really fun time with her friends.


I dropped Elizabeth off at the party and took Olivia back to the ballet studio for her Nutcracker tryout.  After she auditioned, we drove back to the trampoline park to pick Elizabeth up from the party (she was a little late because of the audition time.)

Then we went to Toys R Us to use Olivia’s $3 they sent her in the mail and a little more that Olivia earned walking a friend’s grandson home from school (Elizabeth was hired to do it, but she splits the earnings evenly with Olivia).  Olivia picked out a new little toy pretty quick so we could go to Sonic to get her free birthday kid meal and Elizabeth’s half birthday half price meal.  Then we went home for an hour or so before it was time to take Olivia to HER classmate’s birthday party at the roller-skating place.

The girl in her class invited her class and some friends and her teenage sister had her birthday party at the same time.  The whole place was just their parties, so there was plenty of room for Olivia to really learn how to skate.  She pushed off the edge a lot of times to get going faster, but by the end she would come to where I was watching to tell me that she went all the way around without touching the side.


My cute skating girl!







While she skated I was talking with a mom and she said that when she came in she asked her daughter if she should skate too and her daughter told her that that would be embarrassing, so she didn’t, even though she wanted to, and even though plenty of other grown ups were skating (not me because I’m really clumsy at skating.  Olivia’s in third grade.  I will not allow her to say she’s embarrassed by me.  I also don’t go out of my way to do things that I think she would be embarrassed about, but really in third grade, you should just look up to your mom and be proud of her, not embarrassed!  I must be doing something right because all of my kids will see me in the hallways at the school or in the classrooms (I’m there all the time…) and will say hi, hug me, and never ignore me.  Most of the other kids in the school know who I am and call me Mrs. Ransom.  Nothing is embarrassing about helping at the school and knowing who the kids are around your kid.

Vincent and Abby played at home with Andy for the day.  After their bath Abby was climbing onto Vincent’s bed (behind the dresser), climbing onto the dresser, and then slidding off the dresser into the laundry basket on her mattress.

20130915_3090She’s way too daring!  Even if it was kind of slow.   That girl is NEVER bored though.
20130915_3091 For the past week I’ve been babysitting my friends two little kids in the mornings because she hurt her back really bad.  She found out today that she has degenerative back disease and a pinched nerve along with a slipped disk.  In addition to that she can’t handle much of major medicines, so she’s just in constant pain and can’t lift her nine month old (who she had to wean two weekends ago after she was prescribed the mega medicine.)  And then her husband is out of town until Christmas working across the country and her son broke his ankle in two places the weekend before she got hurt.  Man, that’s a lot going on!  Anyway, so I’ve been taking care of her kids while Vincent’s at school and will continue to do that for another few weeks or until she can lift her baby again.  Luckily, she lives with her parents and her in laws live close too so they are all helping a lot.  I wouldn’t mind helping anyway since we like to trade babysitting, but she’s paying me which is a bonus.  Maybe I won’t need to worry about getting a job at Kohl’s after all (haven’t heard anything from them yet.)


2 responses to “Jumping around

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Scary to see Abigail up on the Dresser. I hope that they give both girls a part in Nutcracker. It’s so fun to go and see it every year. I’m still embarrassing my kids. Sorry!

  2. Tina says:

    I was never embarassed by my parents, but my brother was.. maybe it depends on the kid’s personality a bit too. Fun parties. Abby reminds me so much of Derek… so daring and never a dull moment!

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