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Love Bug

on September 29, 2013


The kids and I went to a movie at the school Friday night.


What’s that you say?  The girl in the purple doesn’t look like Abby?  You really are quite perceptive.

The bonus kid is the girl I babysit for my friend who has hurt her back and is going through several medical treatments daily.  I dropped her brother off at 6pm with his grandma and she came with us to the school where Andy met us after work and took Abby home because she doesn’t like to stay put while I’m helping with PTA things (or ever….)

We watched “The Love Bug” since there weren’t any good kid movies that came out in the last little bit on DVD.  The couple in charge of movie night told us that we could make and bring cars to sit in during the movie.  I pulled out a few boxes from my stash and they got to work.

Here’s Vincent’s car. I helped him make it Thursday night.  He stayed in that box for most of the movie.


Olivia’s box car.  She and Elizabeth made their cars after school on Friday afternoon.


Elizabeth made and brought her box, but let another kid use it when they acted a little sad that they didn’t have one.  She didn’t really fit in it well anyway.

Oh, hey, so good news!  Olivia and only one of her classmates volunteered to do student council, so they both gave their speeches last Monday, had a tie of 11-11, and they are both student council representatives for their classroom.  The class was going to vote for one and the teacher would appoint the other but that wasn’t necessary.  She’s really excited about it.  The previous post tells about Olivia’s speech and links to the video.


Have I ever mentioned how much we love the library?  We really do.  New books and movies all the time to help us learn and be better (and for plenty of enjoyment too!)

I borrowed a book about the Human Body and Vincent was enthralled.  He doesn’t even really read yet, but I just know he’s going to devour books once he figures it out!


See mom, right here is my joint!  (Obviously, the dress up has been popular this week…)



Abby saw me taking Vincent’s picture and had to have a turn.  She likes to look at pages about fractures.  Hopefully we won’t have to deal with any of those EVER!  Her nearly severed finger was bad enough.  (Can you even tell which finger it is?)






It’s the left middle finger.  It’s healing wonderfully which almost makes it easier to pay the humongous bills to pay for it!

I’m still watching my friend’s two kids everyday (except Tuesday) all day.  The daughter does go to preschool in the afternoons and the little boy will sleep in my playpen, so it’s really not too bad except when it’s time to load and unload  everyone in the van.  I think I’m managing well.  I even read two fun books this week!

Here’s to another kind of relaxing week.  Sure it’s full with so many kids around, but it’s pretty fun too!


2 responses to “Love Bug

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Great idea to contain them while they watch the movie. I’m glad they like Books. I like to buy books. You are a good friend to watch the Bonus kids. Hope she feels better soon.

  2. Mary C in WA says:

    Oh, and CONGRATS to Olivia!

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