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Pumpkin Patch and Weinermobile

on October 6, 2013

Last Tuesday Vincent’s kindergarten class took the school bus to the Country Mercantile a half hour away to go to the pumpkin patch.  He loved riding the bus.






Vincent climbed on the hay bale pyramid and ran through the hale bale maze.


Then they looked at some farm animals. This picture has a black bunny in it.


The kids all had a snickerdoodle cookie and some tang for a snack (unless they were allergic and then their parents sent a replacement–one of the boys in Vincent’s class had Ritz crackers instead.)


We rode in a hale bale trailer behind the tractor over to the pumpkin patch. (Abby was at a friend’s house.)


Vincent was very decisive and picked this pumpkin.  Do you like his Tang mustache?

2013_10010051 On the way back to the bus one of the kids asked their teacher if they’d have recess when they got back to the school.  Nope.  They were outside all morning instead.  Sadly, Vincent’s pumpkin fell as he got off the tractor and it cracked at the bottom.  There wasn’t time to go pick him another one, so we saved some seeds for him to plant in our garden next spring and baked the pumpkin and toasted the seeds.

I mentioned in previous posts that I’ve been babysitting my friend’s two little kids.  I have one day a week off (when I mostly do PTA, school helping, and run errands).  I’m able to get a lot done even with the two extra kids around my house.  The worst time of the day is right before dinner when they are just all starving (you know how kids are always starving!)  One day last week they were all whining at me so we all went outside and picked up the sticks and leaves in the backyard.  It doesn’t take long for our backyard to get messy with all of the wind and it’s starting to get cold now.  We pulled all the sunflowers out of the garden and filled up our yard garbage can.

Abby is a big helper with the baby.  I carried him in (Vincent unbuckled the top strap after we got in) and while I was putting my bags away, Abby picked up the bottle I got ready for him just before we left to pick Vincent up at school and was feeding him.  Everyday when she wakes up she asks if Baby Luke is coming to play.  She still likes it.


So here’s how my day goes right now:
Take Elizabeth, Olivia, and Vincent to school.
Pick up Rory and Luke and go home to play and eat an early lunch.
Drop Rory off at her grandma’s house so she can take her to preschool.
Check PTA closet in school.
Pick Vincent up at school and run quick drive thru errands if needed, then home for lunch, make dinner, Luke’s nap, Vincent’s homework, etc.
Rory returns from preschool.
Girls home from school and playing.
6pm-Rory and Luke are picked up and dinnertime.  Sometimes they eat with us if we eat early.

In the middle of all that, I feed Luke baby food and his bottles and change several diapers for him and Abby, clean up the toys a few times, answer the phone, check blogs and emails, vacuum so Luke doesn’t choke on anything, and tell kids to be quiet a million times a day so they don’t wake Luke up.

I’m really not complaining.  It’s just a lot to get used to with all the different times for pick ups and drop offs and changes day by day.  The kids are all really good about it and I like doing it to help my friend and she’s paying me which helps me a lot.

It’s no wonder that this nail job I gave myself Tuesday night didn’t last…. This is what it looked like Wednesday evening, not even 24 hours later.  Two coats of polish and a top coat aren’t enough for what I do everyday.


Friday we went to see the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile by the Fred Meyer.




Vincent and Abby were excited.



Friday night Nutcracker practices began.  Elizabeth is a cavalry this year, which means she is in the middle of a horse costume, like this from last year.

We had to buy a new black leotard because that girl keeps growing and the email I got from Amazon said it wouldn’t be here until Tuesday, but it got here Friday.  I arranged with a friend to borrow one before we got it, but I was so glad it all worked out.  She enjoyed the practice, even though we missed a wedding reception for a boy in our ward that Andy took Olivia and Vincent to.  (I had Abby with me and we went to the Dollar Tree while we waited.)

Then we came home and had game night and then I went grocery shopping.  I like going at night without any distractions.

Saturday was General Conference of course.  They are always great talks, but I really enjoy reading them more than listening/watching them.  I’ll get more out of it later.  Plus, with kids, it’s hard to listen anyway.  So far Saturday, they drew on the couch, floor, and wall with crayon, cut all kinds of paper things and threw the pieces on the floor, fought over who got which paper (even though they all had one of each paper), and just made a lot of noise and distractions.

We missed the afternoon session because I took Elizabeth AND Olivia and a friend to Nutcracker practice.  Then I went and finished up my grocery shopping that I didn’t quite finish Friday night (I have certain things I like at two different stores-mostly the prices are better at one for different things.)

We kind of listened to the last half hour of the afternoon session, but not good enough.  I’m going to have to rewatch it all when kids are busy this week because I KNOW it was good.

After Conference finished, I took Abby with me to the library, Costco, JoAnn’s, and a super short visit to see my Grandma Zora.  I only had to get one thing at each stop (movie, chicken, cutter blade, and a hug), so we were home in time for Andy to go to the Priesthood session.  While he was gone, we cleaned up the house, I made some dinner, and I rested while the kids watch some Duck Tales episodes.  I loved that show when I was little.  Andy made the Stovetop when he got home and we ate and then my cousin called and told me that she found a dolphin costume at TJ Maxx that Abby could wear.  I told her I’d meet her there in a few minutes to buy it.  It was cheaper to buy than it would have been to buy the material and spend the time figuring out how to make this.  Here’s my cousin’s teenage daughter trying it on.

IMG_1547It has adjustable shoulder straps and I think it will be perfect, maybe a little big, but we can adjust that a little and it will make Abby happy because she wants to be a baby dolphin.  Two costumes down, two to go….once Elizabeth and Olivia finalize their plans.


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