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All fun and games-no one got hurt!

on October 9, 2013

Vincent LOVES MegaBlocks.  We have had these around for years and he’s liked them before, but now he plays with them nearly every day.  I challenged them to use every block (because they kept asking me to come see every little thing they made…while I was taking care of baby Luke.)

Can you spot the giraffe and baby giraffe?  Vincent’s perfected that because there’s a picture of a giraffe on the bag of blocks.  These kids love to play!






They like doing puzzles too.  We got the puzzles out during General Conference on Sunday (which the kids behaved WAY better for) and they have the puzzle bug again.  Monday Vincent and Rory were doing a puzzle and said, “It’s too hard.  We can’t do it.”  Two minutes later I overheard them tell each other, “We’re like the best puzzle makers ever!”  I love letting them figure it out and succeeding.  Vincent got the USA map puzzle out Wednesday and had a little trouble putting it together the first time so I helped him and told him state names as we went and where we live, people who lives in other states we know, and other little tidbits.  Then Rory came back from preschool and he made it again and told her most of those same little things.  They redid that puzzle several times.  I like it because each state is its own puzzle piece (except for a few of those tiny East Coast States.)

Monday night Andy and I did some Kids Dance on the Wii with Elizabeth and Olivia.  I felt pretty great because I beat all of them four times out of five (then Olivia won.)  After school on Tuesday they wanted to try it again with Vincent.  They liked it.  I liked watching (and taking pictures.)


More coordinated in this shot.





Some days Abby needs some alone time, so I turn on a Nick Jr show (Dora or Diego) on the computer in the room Vincent and Abby share and she has some chill out time.  She still really loves this blanket and the matching bunny.2013_10090026

Olivia’s class read a book called, “The War with Grandpa” in class and they talk about playing Risk together, so her teacher asked who in the class had played Risk before.  Olivia has and dominates.  Her teacher asked if she could bring the game in to help teach some of her class during their free time, so I took it in Tuesday when I helped in her classroom.  Wednesday Olivia came home with this paper that is apparently a Common Core form question helping them learn how to write about things (I’m not opposed to this sort of thing since all of the ideas come from the kid).


I’ll type it out here and fix the spelling so you can understand it.

Topic is Risk.

The question she wanted to answer is “What are some strategies for the game of Risk?”

Answer question (ie: Olivia’s strategies to win at Risk):
Watch your enemies.
Conquer all countries.
Build up your borders by enemies.
Defend yourself against attacks.

She kept saying all night Wednesday that she’s so excited to play Risk tomorrow at school.  Very fun!  I can’t wait to hear about it.

Also, Olivia had her first student council meeting Wednesday and loves it already.

Abby had her last checkup with the surgeon who sewed her finger back together the end of July after she had it pinched in a door hinge (it was really bad!) The surgery cost covers any appointment up to 90 days afterwards, so I wanted to make sure we got in there one more time to double check it.  The doctor gave her an A+ and was so pleased with how it is getting better so quickly.  It’s just been a month and a half and her fingernail is nearly ready to trim, everything is the same color again and it’s hard to tell anything happened, unless you know about it.



One response to “All fun and games-no one got hurt!

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Your Kids are loving school because their Mom does! Glad they were good for Conference time.
    I’m happy for a good report on Abigail’s finger. Dance Kids Dance!

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