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Short Road Trip

on October 15, 2013




Andy had a scout campout to the Oregon coast (pictures later with a blog from him) on the same weekend as my second cousin’s Wedding Open House five hours away, so my mom came with the kids and I to Idaho Saturday morning (in the good car).  My dad brought my mom over Friday night so we could leave early in the morning…. Well, we left even earlier than we planned. Our plan was to stop in Hermiston to see two of my cousins that morning, but I set my alarm an hour earlier than I needed to, so we left an hour earlier than we needed to leave to visit with them.  My mom didn’t ask me why we were leaving so early until we were packed and leaving the house, so she texted them from La Grande (more than an hour from Hermiston) that we weren’t going to meet them.  I wasn’t about to stop and wait for an extra hour with the kids in the car and ready to go.

We got all the way to Ontario before we stopped.  It was awesome.  The kids were good in the car and we cruised right along and stopped in Nampa for gas and some lunch at Taco Time.  Yummy.

I arranged with a friend I knew growing up to stay at her house near the Open House.  I knew my kids would enjoy playing with her five kids. She told me Friday that they like to go swimming at a gym near their house on Saturday afternoons, so we packed our swimming suits.

We got to their house about 1pm and let the kids get to know each other for awhile before heading over to the pool.

Abby and I with Arin and Megan. It was so nice to swim and visit. Arin’s sister Arica was one of my best friends in high school, even though they lived an hour away next to my cousins.  Arin was a year ahead of me and I got to know her at church dances and girl’s camp (our stake split everyone up into tents with at least one or two girls from each level, so we really got to know a lot more people-I loved it!)


This gym had three pools next to each other.  The first one was a 1-2 foot pool with a slide and was perfect for the kids under five. Elizabeth took a turn playing with Abby over there.  (My mom took these pictures because she didn’t want to get her hair wet-she just mostly got her legs wet.)






Abby moved to the middle pool that was 3-4 feet deep with me.  Her siblings were all using pool noodles so she wanted one too.  She did awesome with it and went all over the pool, always turning around to come back to me.  (There was just one time that she got out and then gave me the noodle to hold and then jumped in and I wasn’t ready to catch her.  Do you know how big kids eyes get when they are scared underwater?  It wasn’t long at all, but still…she was still very comfortable in the water even after that.)



Vincent cruised around with the noodle too.  Then he noticed that he could touch the bottom of the middle pool and walk, so he gave up the noodle, but the depth changed as he went along and he went under for a few seconds until I got him out.  He said he was trying to say help but his mouth was underwater.  I could tell.


And that’s all for our near drownings (that really weren’t close at all, but if I wasn’t observant, could have been bad, very bad.)

Even Olivia liked this slide in the littlest pool.


It was nice because the pools were all right next to each other (the third was a lap pool that just the oldest kids went in) and you could see every kid’s head in the little pool, so we could be in the middle pool and still keep an eye on them.

Plus, they had a lifeguard sitting in there and my mom was in the middle watching.  There really wasn’t many people there so that was nice.

Just look at how much fun these kids had together.  Can you tell?  Abby’s on the slide and Vincent likes to see how long he can hold his breath underwater (he does it in the bathtub all the time).



We showered at the gym and then went back to their house to change into wedding clothes and visited a little bit more before heading out.  The Open House was in my second cousin’s backyard, but it’s Idaho and it was pretty cold.  Apparently we missed a memo somewhere that it was a very casual party as well because we were some of the only people dressed up.  Oh well, better over dressed than under dressed.  She was married in Southern Utah the end of August so this wedding party was a month and a half later.  She was wearing jeans and a flannel shirt.  They had delicious donuts and treats to eat.

Here are my four (cold, hungry-for real food) kids.  They are cute though, right?


We stopped and picked up two Little Caesar’s pepperoni pizzas on the way back to my friend’s house for our dinner.  My friend and her husband went out for a short date after they fed their kids dinner and came home shortly after we got there.  We read scriptures with them and had family prayer together as well. It was nice.

Then the not so fun part happened….bedtime.  If you know my kids (ahem, Sara–sorry!), you know bedtime is not fun at all.  Add in five more fun-loving kids who they don’t know, but really like and it’s chaos.  Elizabeth was in a room with Arin’s oldest girls (she has four girls and a boy).  Vincent and Abby were in the bedroom with Arin’s third daughter and son-sort of… Olivia opted to sleep in the recliner that was next to the queen guest bed my mom (and I-sort of) slept in because she was really tired.  They didn’t lay down at all until nearly 10pm (9pm our time) so really regular time for us, but the kids were in the car a lot and Vincent and Abby both took at least two catnaps while we drove, actually even Olivia fell asleep after swimming, so they weren’t tired I guess.  They (not just my kids) kept getting up to turn on the light and get toys out and were loud.

Finally, because I was exhausted from getting up early and driving way more than I’m used to (Andy drives and I sleep or read or something), I gave up on making Abby sleep in her sleeping bag with the other kids and laid down with her on the couch. She finally went to sleep about midnight.  I must have moved her to the floor right next to me after she fell asleep because when she woke up at 6am, she was down there and covered with a blanket that my mom put over both of us.  (We aren’t co sleepers-maybe you can tell?)  At that point Abby walked herself back to the room with the kids and got in her sleeping bag and slept until 8am.  I went to the bed and slept for an hour and a half before showering to get ready for sacrament meeting.

The kids were nice and quiet in sacrament meeting with Arin’s family (we sat behind them).  Wiggly a bit, but quiet.  We left just after that to get home.

On the way home, this little girl got to sleep.  I didn’t. =(  Instead we just sang along to fun songs on the radio. Does Abby look tired?





We made it to Walla Walla by 2:30pm (we left at 9:30 our time) and we had quick sandwiches at my mom’s house before driving home.  We got home just after 4pm and then unpacked, rested a little bit, and went to dinner at Andy’s parent’s house. I was so glad to not have to make dinner!

Kind of a long drive, but we’re used to long drives.  The kids did well at the riding in the car part.  It was just the going to sleep part that’s always a challenge… I guess I need to be tougher with that.


One response to “Short Road Trip

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    I don’t know how you could be tougher. She’s just gotta learn that she has to be quiet when others are trying to sleep. The screaming is the hardest to hear. Thanks for taking me along. Glad there were no pictures of me in my swimsuit, LOL

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