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on October 21, 2013

 Vincent has decided that mornings are too cold for his sweatshirt jacket he doesn’t have an in between thickness jacket, so he bumped up to this big, thick winter coat (that was originally $90 at Kohls and I bought it for less than $12.)2013_10160001

Abby decided to fold the washcloths for me after I set the laundry down to check the computer.  She’s a happy helper.


My school kids got their school pictures back.  Don’t they look nice?  We hired a new school photographer this year because of some issues with our old one and we’re pretty happy with the results so far.


Friday after school Elizabeth asked if she could take our yard garbage and rakes down the road to an old lady’s house to rake up her leaves for her.  Of course, I said yes to that!  She talked Olivia into going with her.


I was babysitting my two regulars (their dad got home Thursday though so the regular babysitting is done) AND three other friends, so when my friend came to get her daughter to take her to her dance class, I ran down the road to take pictures of my girls working hard.  The man across the street (who is super nice and always waves, gives the kids popsicles, and donates to their fundraisers, etc.)  said that the lady who lives in that house has Alzheimer’s and is now in a home.

They really didn’t last long and now there are even more leaves, but I think we might make an FHE of it and have Andy use the leaf blower/sucker thing and get it all done.

Friday night after I was done babysitting we went to an Eagle Court of Honor for three of our former Cub Scouts.  I LOVE seeing how well they are doing and growing up.  Since we were in Cub Scouts for three and a half years, we have quite a collection of good young men to be proud of!

Here’s Brandon, Mark, and Kade.


A man in their ward (our ward split a several years ago) drew this beautiful Eagle for each of them.


The kids had Jog-a-thon on Friday as well, and I took my camera with extra batteries and everything (I had the morning off from babysitting because their dad was finally home and wanted to play with them).  Unfortunately, the batteries were the rechargeable kind that never hold their charge very long.  I ended up using the camera of my friend who is in charge of Jog-a-thon and she’s going to make me a CD of the pictures.  I can hardly wait!!!  I took so many.  The day was perfect, chilly in the morning and sunny as the day went on.  

I just found that I did have a few on my camera taken as my batteries died.  Hooray! I’ll still post later, but here’s one of Olivia.


Saturday was a Super Saturday and I made some fun things.  I can’t tell you about some of them, but I can tell you about the scripture journals I made for the kids.  They had composition notebooks with paper and things and I didn’t have time to decorate them all the way so I brought the stuff home for the kids to finish decorating Saturday afternoon while Andy built the bunkbed.  They loved doing that, even/especially Abby.  We talked about how each Sunday after church they can write about church or draw a picture in their notebook and that it’s a Sunday journal.  They were so excited to use them after church this week!

Because I was paid to watch my friend’s kids, we had some extra money finally (sort of-we still owe a TON to the hospital!) so Andy and I went Saturday afternoon to pick up a mattress to go with the bunkbed we bought the middle of July.  It’s just been sitting in a box in our bedroom since then waiting until we could afford the mattress.  Big Lots has Serta Twin mattresses for $100.  We love that.  Now Vincent and Abby have a bunkbed too.  They aren’t very big though and both just sleep on about a third of the mattress.


Andy and I went out to dinner Saturday night.  It was great to get out alone after being so busy for the last bit.  We needed some relax time and I loved it.  Elizabeth and Olivia just read some books to Vincent and Abby while we were gone four minutes away.  It’s good practice for them and they know the rules about what to do and what not to do.  I’m seeing my future dates and it’s looking very fun!

Sunday was church and then my nap.  Oh, I look forward to the Sunday nap all week!  (Last week I didn’t have one because I was driving.)  Then I got up and made dinner for us and a lady in our ward who just had surgery in about an hour.  Pasta, sauce, homemade meatballs, French bread, and brownies.  Delicious.

Now it’s Monday and I took the kids to school in my pajamas for only the second time this whole school year.  Every other day this year I’ve been dressed and ready to go.  (My pajamas are just jammie pants and a tshirt.)  I came home and vacuumed, swept, mopped, cleaned the shower, toilet, and sink in the bathroom, put away the dishes, put away the laundry, and then got myself ready for the day before running to pick Vincent up.  This afternoon we are babysitting a little bit again during doctor appointments and it feels so nice to have the house CLEAN.  I’ve been slacking on that during this crazy babysitting stuff (mostly the bathroom).

Now that I’m caught up here, I think I’ll eat my lunch and go read a book…and babysit some more this afternoon.  I have to do my share so I can go do other things without Abby and Vincent during the day once in a while. =)


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