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on October 25, 2013



We decided to run over and visit Grandma Zora while Olivia was at ballet on Wednesday instead of going to the library like usual (I’d already been earlier in the day with Vincent and Abby).  I don’t like to go back home since her class is just an hour.  I called Grandma to make sure it was okay and by the time we got there, she had her little table out and cards dealt to play Flinch.





Flinch is a fun numbers game and the kids liked it.  Grandma always helps everyone along if they need it. I remembered as we played the many times Andy and I would play Scrabble with her and how she’d help me (yes, I was a grown up, but I still needed her help!)  Then we had some yummy Halloween candy and took some back for Olivia.  We’ll have to play Flinch again at our house now that the kids have learned the rules.

Abby found Andy’s glasses in our room and came out with them on.  This is obviously right after her bath and before her hair was brushed.2013_10250001

This is when I told her to put them away.  The little stinker!


Thursday night was a Family Involvement Night at the school and the Book Fair.  The flyer said that costumes were encouraged, so the kids picked some things from our dress up box.


Abby wanted her ballet outfit, so Olivia sort of matched her with a tutu.  Elizabeth had a tutu on, but decided that she didn’t want to dress up before we left.  Vincent’s wearing a Spiderman outfit that we found at Value Village Thursday on the way home from the dentist.  Lucky for him it was laundry day and I had time to wash it.  He wants to be Spiderman next year.

The kids always like the Book Walk (like a cake walk, but you get a book if you win.)


Friday was crazy hair day at school.  Elizabeth put curlers in her hair Thursday night, Olivia put little ponytails in her hair this morning, and I gelled Vincent’s hair all spiky just before we left.


And the backside.



Vincent’s spikes don’t show much from far away.  Good thing we didn’t cut his hair yet.




A little more babysitting today, our mother/daughter book group, and game night tonight!


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