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Jog-a-thon 2013

on November 4, 2013

I helped at Jog-a-thon on October 18th by taking pictures for the lady in charge.  I just barely got the pictures from her the end of last week so here are the ones of my kids.

Olivia’s grade was one of the first to run. Olivia ran 15 laps.






AM Kindergarten was the next group up.  Vincent thought he needed to slow down next to me so I could take his picture every time.  I like his little lap card flapping in the breeze here.





I don’t know if it would surprise you or not how many kids I watched trip over these cones just not paying attention.  There were many.  I think the kindergartners did better than any other group staying outside the cones.  Does that surprise you?  Those kids have learned to follow directions!


Vincent running like the wind!


The day was cold to start out (some people were in big, heavy coats-not me, but I am usually pretty warm.)  As the day went on the sun came out more and more.  I’m fairly sure the part in my hair got sunburned a little.

The kids always like to take their water break.  Some kids spend most of the half hour jogging time drinking their water and refilling the bottle….  Vincent waited until the end, thankfully!   He ran 10 laps.


The fourth and fifth graders ran almost last.  Only the PM Kindergarten kids were after them.  I think that’s smart since those kids smell already…

Elizabeth ran 15 laps, same as Olivia.  I DID see a few kindergartners get 15 laps, so I don’t think either of my girls worked all that hard, but they had fun.


Elizabeth was getting tired of me taking her picture…So since I’m a good mom, I took it even more!








Vincent came over to hang out with us after his school was done.  While the fourth and fifth graders ran, he’d yell out that some kindergartners got more laps then them (like I was sometimes when kids weren’t even trying.)

Vincent and Abby helped me clean up the cones and put them away too.  They were great helpers!


Abby was exhausted after that busy day of running around.



We always like the jog-a-thon.


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