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90 years, KOHLs, Simple, Laundry

on November 17, 2013

A special guy turned 90 years old this week.  He lived in the ward I grew up in and married Andy’s Grandma Ellen five years ago after his wife passed away.  Paul Allen turned 90!  His family put together a party to celebrate.  It was great.

Someone put together this fun collage of pictures from Paul’s life to make 90.


I took a picture of the happy couple after the party.


I started work at KOHLs a few weeks ago.  I LOVE IT!  I had training in the back for a few days and now I’m working the cash register and figuring it all out.  I’m just working in the evenings part time and seasonally, but hope to stay on for longer.

I took a picture of how I looked Saturday when I went to work.


It was supposed to be college team shirt day, but I really don’t care much about any college and only have two shirts that are a little too small and that would not have worked if I had to scoop clothes up off the floor.  Plus, it feels nice to dress up.  Guess how much I paid for the outfit?  Wrong.  $5.  $3 for the pants and $2 for the shirt.  Although you may expect that I bought the clothes at Kohl’s, you’re wrong again.  I bought them at my favorite thrift store, New Beginnings. I bought a few other shirts too because you really cannot beat $2 a shirt, although my Kohl’s discount combined with my Kohl’s credit card discounts are pretty awesome!

Here’s my fancy name tag.


Randomly, my little sister applied for Kohl’s before I had my interview.  We both just love Kohl’s so much!  She just did her first training Saturday, which was my fourth day of work.  Pretty fun!

I had another House Party a little bit ago.  It was for Simple.  They make facial wipes and moisturizer and teamed up with Makers for a House Party.  It must have been a busy night because only one friend was able to come.


That next Saturday I went to a MegaBloks/Hot Wheels House Party and an Hewlett Packard/Walmart House party.  That was one busy Saturday because I also dropped some things off at a funeral dinner, went to a baby shower, the girls had Nutcracker practice, and Andy had EFY.  I was running all day long.  It was fun though.

This little girl is helpful.  I was finishing up the laundry on Thursday and asked Olivia to bring me the last load from the dryer and this is how she brought it to the living room.


We have plenty of baskets, but she didn’t think she needed one.  I guess she didn’t.  She only lost one pajama shirt on her trip through the house.

As a bonus, I’ll post what I posted on Facebook today.  There’s a game going around where you tell some “secrets” about yourself after a friend gives you a number.
No one assigned me a number, but since I had seen everyone else’s and have avoided getting a number, I couldn’t help but make my own list of “secrets”.  They are really more uncommon facts than secrets.

1. I don’t like Target. I usually only go there if I have a really good coupon or a gift card. They are not open late enough for me and their clearance is NOT at all as good as Kohl’s.

2. I never want a pet. I just don’t like them.

3. I had a perm once when I was nine and it never went away.

4. In the newspaper when I was born my name was spelled, MaBell. It was NOT the last time my name was misspelled.

5. I enjoy finding errors in books and magazines. I wanted to be an editor when I was in high school. Now I just send writers corrections instead.

6. Andy and I were engaged after less than a month of dating and then I left for college for four months.

7. I picked Elizabeth’s name from the “Sweet Valley Twins” books. I even named my Cabbage Patch doll Jessica so I could save the name Elizabeth.

8. I’m obsessed with laundry and never lose socks.

9. I spend one-two hour a week lining up price-matching and coupons and save an average of $30 a week.

10. I was in Sunshine Generation when I was little. And that was the end of my pretending to have coordination and rhythm.

11. Loading the dishwasher is a challenge I like.

12. I’ve never left the USA. Ever.

13. I want to learn Japanese and go visit my friend Satoko someday.

14. I don’t like Napoleon Dynamite, The Office, or Doctor Who.

15. My favorite movie was “Mannequin” when I was little.

16. I never really learned to swim. When I was in third grade I crashed on a cousin’s bike and had to quit. I learned to float on my back when I was pregnant with Olivia.

17. I don’t eat fish–except last year I did eat some at Bonefish Grill. I still didn’t like it.

18. Avocados make my mouth tingle. I try to avoid them, but will still eat them in 7 layer dip.

19. I went to the very first PTA meeting when Elizabeth was in kindergarten and have only missed two of them since then.

20. I’m NOT as awesome as people think.

21. I ramble. Maybe you’ve noticed.


2 responses to “90 years, KOHLs, Simple, Laundry

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Even your Mom learned something from your list. I think it is funny that both of you are now going to work at Kohl’s. I think my Sunshine Generation kids were pretty awesome at the time! Great memories. Happy 90th B-day to Paul Allen!!!

  2. Janessa Goodson says:

    Aren’t the registers fun?! They let me loose on them after watching maybe 3 transactions last night, haha!

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