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December in our Town, Nutcracker, Snowkid

on December 14, 2013

Sorry I’ve become an absent blogger…Life is crazy.  I haven’t even taken many pictures lately so here’s a week and a half of them.

Elizabeth was one of the lead characters in the play, “December in our Town”.  Originally the lead characters were all boys.  The music teacher cast all girls instead and told them to name themselves.  Elizabeth’s character was John and she named her Georgia.  John was the sarcastic, funny kid.  This is a great group of kids!

She’s there on the left hand side.


Abby watched the show like this on the benches or climbing on our laps.  She’s a busy, busy girl.

Elizabeth music teacher told her what to wear for the sporty character she played.  The main characters even had a wireless microphone.  She did a great job.


Our life has been so FULL lately with school, school programsand PTA, church, helping people from church, Nutcracker, and more.  Having a to-do list all crossed off is one of my favorite things, but sometimes they are hard to cross off.

Last weekend was the Ransom Made Christmas Event.  I set up my things right after Elizabeth’s play.  Here’s what my things looked like.


I was scheduled to work on Friday and Saturday right during our Event, so I missed a lot of it, but I really do love my job at Kohl’s. Saturday was also the date of the funeral for a lady in our ward, a baby shower, and a bunch of other things I couldn’t possibly fit in.  I went to help set up for the funeral at the church, went to the Event for a few hours, went to work until 4pm, cleaned up my craft stuff, came home, unloaded the car, changed my shoes, and then we went out to eat at Five Guys.  It was such a crazy, busy day.  Going out to eat at Five Guys is finally crossed off of our Summer Fun list.  Our budget took a turn with Abby’s finger incident in July…

Elizabeth and Olivia helped me set up some of our Christmas decorations last week.  They put most of my Nutcrackers up on the mantle.  The two biggest ones don’t fit there.  I love catching my kids reading together.


Sunday after church the girls had their picture taken for the Nutcracker ballet.  They are so much fun.  I bought the real pictures and a friend snapped this one through the window.  I’m only posting it because then you can see Elizabeth as cavalry and Olivia as her mouse (because it’s WAY against the rules to take pictures while the professional takes them…)


I like this one of my girls in part of their costumes.  They are so cute!


I’ve been helping all week backstage in the costuming department.  I’ve mostly been sewing on snaps, velcro, and other little sewing tasks (and some bigger ones).  It’s a lot of fun back there!

My parents came by Sunday afternoon and brought the kids their ornaments.  My mom made these cute, little sheep with a battery operated tea light as the nose.


And then after dinner and pajamas we decorated the rest of the tree.


Vincent by the tree.


Friday morning I got to go to Vincent’s Snowkid building where we made a little Snowkid that looked like him.  The tan pipe cleaner was the same color and fuzziness of his real hair.


Vincent sang his Welcome to Winterland song for me when we got home and then I took a few pictures by the tree with him and Abby.  I think I’m done buying their Christmas presents.  They are easy to shop for (and the bonus Kohl’s discount last week saved me a TON-60% in addition to the stuff already on sale means a $50 dress-half off-60% is a steal, so my girls have great coordinating dresses.)


This little boy is a cute loveable funny kid.  His poor little mouth gets all chapped when it’s so cold because he licks it too much.  It’s shiny because I put medicine on it.


This girl is so sweet and funny too (and needs her bangs cut.)


She’s sassy and she knows it.


Came home from Nutcracker Friday night and then had game night.  Only five more performances to watch and it’s going to be GREAT!  Next week WILL slow down and we can really sit by our tree and read books.  Ha, or I could work almost every night building up to Christmas! =)


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