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Nutcracker Ballet

on December 16, 2013







I spent every evening last week backstage at the school where the girls were rehearsing for Nutcracker.  I got to help in the costuming department again.  I really love it there.  I don’t have to make whole costumes (those are made much earlier in the year), but I did help with buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes, ribbons, and plenty of other seemingly small things that all must be done so it all looks just right when the 160 costumes come together.  They perform Friday night, Saturday matinee, Saturday night, and a Sunday matinee for the public and again on Monday for area fifth graders in two back-to-back shows.  Once dress rehearsals started on Wednesday I helped in the costume room where we put all the costumes on the younger kids (the other room-where I was most of last year-is where they take costumes off and steam and iron.  They told me they missed me there this year–so did the lady in charge of the greenroom).  It was so much fun to really be a part of it all.

We watched on Saturday’s matinee performance and it was so awesome to see the costumes that I helped with onstage.   My parents came with us and so did our friend Nathan (who’s practically an uncle). We even let Vincent and Abby have a try at it.  

But first, while I slept in a tiny bit, Abby cut her own hair… The picture of her in the red dress is from earlier this month.  I cut the back of her hair so it didn’t look quite so ridiculous (didn’t work.  It just makes me sad.)



Before the show with an emergency black nylon headband to cover the worst of Abby’s hair.


My mom with Vincent and Abby by the nutcracker in the lobby.  They went out to buy flowers for the girls.


My dad with Vincent and Abby in the lobby.




At intermission Vincent and Abby had yummy cookies.  Abby was all over the place during the show and needed some wiggle time.


After the show we picked the girls up from greenroom, picked up some pizza, and went home for a half hour to eat and then drove back to the school (that’s luckily very close to home) for the evening performance.

Thanks for coming to see the show Mom and Dad!  


My cute little dancers.  


I entered a facebook contest way back in September with a picture of the girls from last year’s Nutcracker and was in the lead (people just had to like the picture) with at least 78 likes.  I just kept quiet and kept checking to see if I’d win tickets to see the show, but bought my own tickets because the contest wasn’t over until a few weeks ago and by then the tickets are not very close.  We decided that if we won the four tickets, we’d give two to our neighbors across the street and two to Olivia’s teacher (Elizabeth’s male teacher already goes to Monday’s performance every year).  And I did win.  Yea!  Olivia’s teacher brought her daughter and they even bought Olivia some flowers Friday night.  

Andy’s parents came to see the show Saturday night and stopped by our house afterwards to say hello and of course the girls both got more flowers from them too. 

Monday evening I set the girls to work on cleaning up their room.  It was a humongous mess with all that we’ve had going on for the last few weeks.  They still have some work to do before it’s “Vacuum Ready”.


I was scheduled to work Sunday night at Kohls (forgot to put on my form that I didn’t want to work Sundays, but did put after 6pm, so I didn’t have to go in until 7:45–we had time for family dinner, scriptures, and praying before I left.)  When I got there and went to pick up my walkie talkie, the lady at the back counter said it was kind of a slow day because of the LDS and the football game (Seahawks are apparently doing well this year?)  I thought it was interesting when the customer she was talking to (she knew him) asked what she meant and she said that since THE LDS don’t go out on Sundays, it was a slower day.  I couldn’t help but be happy to be seen as a force to be reckoned with (even as I was working…)

I searched around a little while ago to find coordinating dresses for my girls.  I didn’t want to have them “match” and that’s hard for the age span anyway, but I wanted them to look nice, so I got in on a great deal (I think I mentioned it in the previous post) and got these adorable dresses for a steal.  I decided Vincent didn’t have to wear a pink and silver sweater, so he wore the red and gray sweater from last year.  I think it matches alright.  Maybe I’ll get a better picture of them next Sunday where they are ALL smiling. 


Just my girls in their dresses and headbands I bought late Saturday night when I finally had time to go grocery shopping.




Olivia came over to me after Nutcracker and showed me what her hair looked like after several days of no washing (it holds together better for performances without washing it and they told us to do it that way–I follow the rules so I don’t get in trouble!)  Crazy Nutty Hair!  She was still happy though and had a great time!






Vincent and Abby worked on cleaning the pencil marks that someone wrote on the kitchen floor.



I’m planning a more mellow week this week, although we have a work party for Andy, several evenings of work for me, and a ward Christmas party, and finishing up the last little bits of Christmas shopping (with an extra awesome discount at Kohl’s for the holidays.)  Have I mentioned how much I really enjoy Kohl’s?


3 responses to “Nutcracker Ballet

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Never a Dull Moment at your house. The dresses are FANCY! Glad we could both come see the girls this year. I missed the ALL GIrl’s time though… Nice that they acknowledge that LDS don’t shop on Sundays. YEA, I think the Sea chickens might make one of the BIG Games in the playoffs. Your brothers will all be happy about that.

  2. rachel says:

    those dresses are adorable.

  3. […] appointment and have her hair cut. Abby’s hair is slowly growing back from her unfortunate cut in December and her recent cute pixie cut.  Her hair sits just like that with no effort at all. […]

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