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It’s beginning to…

on December 21, 2013

Yes, it snowed here!  Vincent broke into song about it “beginning to look a lot like Christmas” along with the Christmas radio channel in the car on the way to school Friday.  After Vincent’s school, he and Abby played in the snow a little bit and made baby snowkids.  It was nearly all melted when Elizabeth and Olivia got home, but they managed to soak their shoes in the puddles.DSCN1860

I like this amount of snow, just enough for it to be pretty and fun to play in/look at and it doesn’t make the roads bad for long (drive slower and leave space.)


Olivia’s class had a pajama holiday party watching Christmas movies, reading books about the season, and eating treats (with her class of 24 kids and NO severe allergies-which is a feat for sure!)


I took the kids out shopping on Tuesday afternoon for them to pick a gift for Andy from all of them and for their sibling exchange.  I like seeing them pick things out for each other.  This year was a little more tricky because I took them all at the same time, so we piled our coats in the cart and as each kid picked a gift, we hid it under the bottom coat (while the others were under Elizabeth supervision a small row over).  When it was time to go to the counter, I left those gifts with my name on them at the Kohl’s customer service desk and bought them a few days later.  Too bad one of the kids already spoiled what they are giving to another, but I think they will both still be happy about it. That is why we usually wait a bit to do this shopping.

One more thing that happened while shopping was Vincent kept trying to show me things he wanted and one of the things he just would not quit talking about is something I already bought for him.  He’s going to LOVE it just as much as I knew he would in October.

Tuesday night was Andy’s work party and the 14th one I got to go to.  The food was delicious, the company was better, and the gifts were great.  I picked up a white elephant gift that goes right along with what I picked out for Vincent before.  He’s WAY too easy to shop for so it’s a good thing his birthday is a month later.

Friday night was our Ward Christmas Party.  I took a soup to share.  I made the broth Wednesday and it was enough for two soups.  Abby helped me make one for our family Thursday and we did all the prep work that morning for both soups.  She handed me carrots and potatoes and counted them for me.  She also picked up the few peels that landed on the kitchen floor instead of in the garbage.  She was a great helper.

Abby was hiding herself under the table so I wouldn’t take a picture of her new hairdo when we got to our table.


The program was nice.  There was musical numbers, scriptures, and a craft for the kids.  The kids made a Christmas tree with candy canes, stars, bows, and ornaments as the scriptures describing how they are symbols of Christmas were read.  Abby ate her first tree…


Vincent’s eyes are crazy in every picture lately.


The Primary children sang “Picture a Christmas” for us.  I bet you can spot Elizabeth.  Olivia to the left of her and Vincent’s in the gray sweater toward the middle.


We had dessert and then a “surprise” visitor came.  He even sat for pictures in another room and gave the kids treats.  They called the kids under three first and Andy told Abby she could go and she booked it to the room first.  Then she didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap until she saw two other kids do it and get treats. (Priorities…) Abby wants a pink piggy bank WITH money in it that has a hole that you can shut to keep the money inside.


Vincent’s age group was next.  He made an awesome face for me (right?)  He still wants the V-Tech Switch and Go Dino T-Don the Pteranadon that he’s wanted since last Christmas when he got T-Don’s brothers.


These girls waited (not very patiently) in line next.  Those rambunctious kids!


Elizabeth didn’t even want to sit on Santa’s lap this year.  She still didn’t get a treat until she talked to him and told him what she wants for Christmas.  A pocket knife.


Olivia wants a Rainbow Loom for Christmas.


We had game night with our buddies, Nathan and Robie, after the Christmas Party.

Saturday Andy and I had some time to go out together to pick up a few last things to balance the gifts out and finish up the shopping so we can enjoy the family time more.  We don’t get many gifts for each kid because there’s just not room for them in our home or in our budget, but they will have plenty and they will enjoy the things they do receive that much more because there isn’t a terrible amount of excess (but still more than so many other children who just want a new shirt or practical things.)

Doing our best to keep the season balanced and “seasoned” with all of the good spices, flavors, and love.

I narrowed our Christmas card list this year a little bit.  I had the cards printed at Walgreens instead of my usual postcards because they had great deals and it was less work for me.

If you live close to us or haven’t sent us a card lately, you may not have received one, if so, here it is.

Christmas Card and Letter 20130001

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  1. Mary C in WA says:

    I liked how the pictures went in a circle this year. Glad you had some fun shopping and playing in the snow.

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