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Christmas Chaos

on December 29, 2013

Andy and I were sick with colds this week and finally looked at these pictures Saturday night. They had us laughing with tears and one even sent Andy to the ground in fits of laughter.  What a fun holiday we had!  (Now guess which picture made Andy laugh that hard!)

We visited Grandma Zora Christmas Eve.  The kids sang her a few songs and we visited.  Elizabeth and Olivia set up her Nativity for her.

Our kids on the way in to see Grandma.  Notice Abby’s blurry feet?  She’s one busy girl!


Then we went to Wendy’s for dinner.

Over to Ransom’s for Christmas Eve program and desserts.

Vincent was the Star this year with our puppets.  He said he’d been training to be the star.




Olivia’s been practicing “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” on the piano.


Andy wrapped a few gifts for me and went to bed early.  I wrapped up the last few things and took this picture of our tree before Santa came.  (The top section of the tree had lights burn out but we decorated it before Andy could fix it.)


Andy’s family tradition is to have a picture of the family (minus the dad) in the hallway before going out to see what Santa brought.


(If your guess for Andy’s fall down laughter as the first of these two pictures, you guessed correctly.)

Santa brought Abby a cute pink piggy bank with money in it.  She then asked me for the quarter I was holding onto for a few days for her to add to it.


Santa brought Vincent his T-Don the Pteranodon Switch and Go Dino.  Man, he LOVES those things!


Olivia asked for several different things from Santa this year just in case he couldn’t find one of them.  He brought her a Rainbow Loom to make rubberband bracelets.


Santa brought Elizabeth her desired pocket knife along with a wood carving kit, a box to keep them in, and a starter set of blocks.


Santa brought NaDell a new Crock-Pot with a locking lid.  Now I won’t have to cover the crockpot with towels to take it anywhere. (PS. Too bad I didn’t get any pictures of me after my shower on Christmas and have to post this one…)


Andy was surprised by this suitcase set Santa brought for him.  He travels often for work and has been using the suitcases that he bought at Goodwill when we got married and always worries they’ll fall apart.


We tried to keep it a little small this year with just three gifts for each kid (and they are perfectly happy!)  Here are some good moments from the morning I don’t want to forget.

Olivia’s bow beard.


Abby’s surprised happy face when Olivia helped her open her MegaBloks car.


Elizabeth simple joy over a hat and gloves (oops, mom, I guess one kid did get a hat….)


Vincent’s smart desire to learn about the Human Body.   He saw this Human Body puzzle at Kohl’s a few weeks ago and wanted me to buy it, not knowing that I’d already bought it for him a month before.  Andy and I won that giant Human Anatomy book at his work White Elephant and thought it was perfect.


The kids digging into a gift that was for all of them. Remote Control bumper cars.


My favorite delicious Cinnamon Wreath Bread.  I made 39 of these this year and delivered most of them to friends in the two days before Christmas.  Elizabeth and Olivia helped me sprinkle them and close them up as well as deliver them.  I give it away as frozen dough so they can make it when they want it because no one likes stale, cold bread (and I’d pick fudge over bread anyday!)  You may think 39 is a lot.  It is, but it was just two batches of the dough and took less than two hours.  I’ve been making this for at least ten years and my friends LOVE it!


Christmas day at Ransom’s for lunch and presents with Andy’s parents and sisters.

Olivia opening a set of earrings and her second of three jewelry boxes for the day.  Elizabeth got one for her in their sibling exchange, Grandpa and Grandma Ransom got one for her, and the third was from a Ransom cousin in the cousin exchange.  She’ll use all of them!


Abby making a fashion statement with some tulle from a gift.


Elizabeth with a fun remote control car.  Mostly I’m posting this because of my brother in law in the back shining his super bright flashlight in his face, although you can see it’s not even directly in his face by the spot on the wall.  He and our other brother in law were comparing bright flashlights.


I made this collage of pictures with everyone from Andy’s side a few days before Christmas thanks to facebook pictures (and a great deal on a frame at Kohl’s).


Shirley and George liked it and plan to take it up to the mountain.

Shirley took this picture of the grandkids (minus the ones who live in Utah) before we ate.



After lunch we headed to Walla Walla to Grandpa and Grandma Crowther’s house to see two of NaDell’s brothers and have another meal with them.

Grandma Mary made each grandkid a colorful hat.  I remember mine from when I was little.  She even used their favorite colors.




All the grandkids at Grandma Mary’s who weren’t in Colorado or Wyoming.


My parents with their picture gift from us. It’s out of date already since two new babies came after the picture, but I think they liked it anyway.


It was a full, fun day, other than Andy being sick.  I understood a lot more for the next two days when I barely moved off the couch.  I was achy and just didn’t feel good.   I did have to go to work for a few hours on the 26th and that was a challenge (but there’s a $100 drawing for 100% attendance and there are just over 30 people left and I’m on there and like to win!)  On a side note, I just have one more shift before my seasonal job is done, which is a little bittersweet.  I have really enjoyed it and hope I can go back when they have need of me.

We are all feeling much better now and ready for another week off of school playing with toys (as long as they can keep them cleaned up.)

Oh, what fun!


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