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Stayin’ Alive

on January 11, 2014



I feel like I’m still recovering from that terrible cold I got after Christmas.  I keep getting headaches and needing a nap.  I guess it’s just going to take some rest to get over it all the way.  I am all up to date on my goal #2 for the year of reading 100 books this year.  If I read at least two a week, I’ll exceed my goal.

I’m still working at Kohl’s afterall!  I love it!  I’m in Home and Kids putting things back where they go, straightening, and general upkeep in both of those huge sections.  It’s pretty much what I do every day at home, just on a larger scale and I get paid for it. I’ve mostly just been in the kids section (which includes the toy department, which is kind of trashed every day by unsupervised kids).  I figure if I go through at least a few of the toy areas every time I work, it will be easier to know where things should be returned to.  It was just really mixed up after Christmas and is still recovering.  I took on a few other projects this past week each time I worked.  One was rearranging the Fila section of the big girl area.  There is a rack with six hanging metal bars that everything was all mixed up on (jackets, pants-all lengths, shirts-of several different varieties).  I put the pants on one side so they would be easier to access with the short sleeve shirts on another bar, jackets on two bars, and the long sleeve shirts and cotton short sleeve shirts on another.  They were all mixed up so this project probably took a half hour, but it looks so much better and was still looking good a few days later when I worked again.

The next project I took on (without anyone asking me to) was the tables that the loose underwear sit in in the girls department.  They were all mixed up, had all sorts of other stuff in them (like packages of tights, socks, pajama shirts, and all kinds of weird things).  It was pretty much just a dumping area.  I guess I was going through the pajamas next to there first and then moved to the underwear to try and find matches, semi-successfully.  While I was finishing my task (with help from the other person who helps in that area), one of the managers came over and asked me when I was available for this coming week.  She wanted to make sure that I work when she does.  I think that means good things, like that she likes how I work.  I hope so anyway.  I’m a little insecure about managers liking what I do because I haven’t had a real job before.  She does seem to like me and so do the other managers, so I think I’m in a good area if I like what I’m doing (even if sorting out underwear seems silly) and they like me. =)

Back to the family, Abby “wasn’t tired” a few minutes before this picture.  She really loves her bunny and blankie.  She won’t let us put any other blanket over her at bedtime.



Another of her sweet sleeping.


Elizabeth enjoying her remote control car the end of Christmas break in the neighbor’s smooth driveway.


Abby and I went to the mall this week, once on Monday with Vincent to exchange a watch that Andy gave me for Christmas.  I picked out a different one that had all the real numbers on it (I just don’t like roman numerals or spaces without numbers).  I picked one out and had a little bit leftover too.  Then I got home and it didn’t have a working battery, so I called the next morning and they said to bring it back in and they’d replace the battery.  I took it in Thursday with just Abby.  We had something else to do while we were there, so waiting a bit wasn’t a big deal, until it took 45 minutes and it was time to leave to get Vincent and one of the workers there was trying to work it out so I would have to pay.  The other one set her straight and she seemed all mad about it.  Too bad!  Abby was all enthralled with the escalator and probably would have stood their staring at it all day.



A bonus photo (from my camera) of the kids going up to a friend’s house to drop off their Christmas treat.  They didn’t get out at every house, but they did this time.



Back to more reading and folding laundry.  Can you believe that I haven’t done laundry in six days?  I didn’t have any dryer sheets until Saturday afternoon and I was very busy all week.  That means six or seven loads all in one day instead of spreading those loads out throughout the week.  I’m odd though and really like doing laundry.


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