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Silly Pictures

on January 22, 2014

This girl is really silly.  She likes to wear sunglasses in the house.  I’m just glad she’s feeling better than she did the last day or two.  She hardly ever throws up, so it’s always confusing to her.  Luckily, it was only a few times and she mostly just slept it off.  It’s been more than a day and a half since she was sick now so I think she’s all better.  Good thing because it’s almost her birthday!


Silly face!  Still cute. 

DSCN2108Those glasses are dirty!  She “cleaned” them in the bathroom sink and didn’t dry them. 



Vincent loves these Switch and Go Dinos.  They can be cars/motorcycles/helicoptors, like this picture, or dinos like a picture further down.  Perfect little Transformers for him.

DSCN2150 Abby singing her ABC’s to us.  I think she sleeps on her right side…


I’ve seen this confident, sassy face on a few of Abby’s siblings!


Vincent’s Switch and Go Dinos as dinos.


Switching it back is easy.


Vincent’s silly face.



Another cute Abby face.  She puts that bow on herself.


A picture together.  Abby didn’t cooperate much.



So they both decided to be silly.


I wanted a picture without crazy eyes from Vincent, so I tickled his neck with my toes.



Then gave him a little ride on my legs.  (Good smiles, yes?)


Dynamic duo here.



We sure have a lot of fun in the afternoons together.

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