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Look who’s THREE!

on January 27, 2014

Fun little Abigail joined our family three years ago. Time has flown by and now she’s three already.  She’s full of spunk, attitude, and laughs.


This week we didn’t have school Monday because of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and we had a bonus day off on Tuesday because of a district semester day (teacher grading day), so Elizabeth and Olivia went to play with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Paul in Walla Walla for a few nights.  They played with fabric scraps and went out to see Frozen in the movie theater and had a great time.


Meanwhile Abby was sick with the flu Monday night, Elizabeth got sick on Thursday night, and Vincent got sick Friday night (and abruptly ended game night).  I got sick Saturday night and stayed home from church.  Andy took care of everything and we’re hoping he and Olivia have avoided getting sick.

Since Elizabeth was sick, she missed out on Donuts with Dad at the school.
It was hat day too.



Nathan brought Abby a fun musical, dancing Snoopy card for her birthday.  She loved it.




DSCN2165She must have wanted to look like Snoopy because we looked over from our Phase 10 game and she had a black nose and whisker dots.  Luckily the markers were washable.  I like the way she lines the colors up and uses each one in order.  It reminds me of what Olivia used to do.


Abby helped me with some laundry on her birthday.  I know I took a picture of her when she was a baby in the laundry basket, but couldn’t track it down, so it must be on my other computer.



Saturday morning Andy’s teacher quorum planned to hike Badger Mountain as training for hiking a much larger mountain this summer.  Only one boy showed up, so Andy asked me (ha, no!) and then Elizabeth to go.

I sent Elizabeth with the camera.  It was a little cold out there, but both of those guys wore shorts.   DSCF4033


Andy’s parents came by later in the day and brought some magnet girls for Abby’s birthday gift which the kids played with the rest of the day.  We’ll celebrate some more when we know we are done being sick.

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