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January Goal Update

on February 1, 2014

1. COUPLE-Two $10 Dollar Date Nights a month with Andy.
We kind of just did one bigger date instead because a friend was in town and we went out to dinner with her and her family to Texas Roadhouse.  We had coupons for two kid’s meals (Elizabeth and Olivia were visiting grandparents), so that made it cheaper.  I think we were $15 over or something.  Not bad.  I used some of the points I earned for taking surveys from Valued Opinions to purchase Restaurant.com gift certificates to some area restaurants for our next four dates. (If you want to sign up, I can send you an email and I’ll earn more points, so let me know!)

2. SELF-IMPROVEMENT- Read 100 books.  Check out my list at Goodreads.  I’m halfway through book #10 for this month.  Complete list and reviews at the bottom of this post.

3. SELF-EDUCATION- Learn to use Sander Tool I asked for and got from Santa in 2012….
Still haven’t opened it.  January is such a busy month!  I would like to sand the toy box bench, our cabinets under the tall counter in the family room and paint them a color that is NOT white (currently wood stained), and I’m sure I’ll think of more projects.

4. FAMILY- Read scriptures (currently in 1 Nephi-chapter 14) four times a week (several nights are busy with mutual and other activities).
This one is SO hard for us.  I rearranged the ballet/jujitsu schedule so that instead of one thing four nights a week we will have two things two nights a week (one is also mutual night/PTA night).  I think this will make it easier.
We were sick much of the month, but we did get one week where we read four nights.  We also had a week we didn’t read at all and a few with just a few nights.  The kids know it’s a goal and Elizabeth prayed one night in our family prayer (we are good at that!) that we’d be able to read scriptures more often.  (My goals are posted next to the kitchen sink.) Currently on 1 Nephi 21.

Books read in January 2014:
Week One-
1. Mother-Daughter Book Club Much Ado About Anne
I give this book a four star rating with this as my review on Goodreads: “I liked this second book in the series about a mother-daughter book club. I liked that they were reading LM Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, especially since I reread that series within the last year. Great writing and interesting plot make this book one I can easily recommend.

2. Edenbrooke
I absolutely give this a five star rating! This is what I told Goodreads about it:
” I could hardly put this book down! It was wonderfully inviting and suspenseful and lovely. It was JUST what I needed. I love that there is a header on the front cover that says “A Proper Romance”. It was exactly that.  I may have just found a new favorite book.”

Week Two-
3. Matched
I LOVED this book. It was interesting. I didn’t know how the main character could possibly decide between two good choices and it keep my attention. On to the next books in the series.

Week Three-
4. Crossed (Matched #2)
Interesting second part of a trilogy. So very interesting. I hate it when things are given away before I read something so I’m not going to do that.

5. Snow on the Tulips
I read this one online after a friend recommended it.
“Worried her gray sweater” was used a few too many times as a description, but other than that very small annoyance, this book is a fantastic story about a Dutch girl during WWII.
Favorite quote: “Courage is not a feeling. Courage is an action.”
Even knowing the overall outcome of the war does not make this book any less suspenseful, thrilling, or engaging.
This book is written using a few real life situations, but is still fictional.

6. Katie Woo Loves School
I got this book for free in the mail to review it.  Olivia really liked it.  It’s short and fun.
Good book for readers in kindergarten or 1st grade. It’s a four chapter book with plenty of pictures and is all about a classroom and why Katie Woo likes school. Clever little book with great pictures!

Week Four-
7. Reached (Matched #3)
Perfect conclusion to the trilogy. No details because I don’t want to give anything away, but the ending is perfect.

8. Mother-Daughter Book Club-Dear Pen Pal (Book #3)
Fun third book in a series! I like that this time they had pen pals. I hadn’t heard of the books they read for their book group, so they are now on my REAL reading list. (Daddy Long Legs, Just Patty, and Dear Enemy).

Week Five-
9. Mother-Daughter Book Club-Pies and Prejudice (Book #4)
I like this book of the four books I’ve read in this series the most! Possibly because they read Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, but more than that, the story line is excellent and the characters are continually evolving and tough subjects are handled very well.

10. Call the Midwife-Farewell to the East End (Book #3)
Partway through and enjoying it (well, it’s thought-provoking and inspiring, but sort of gross sometimes, so as much as you can enjoy that…)

So far, I think I’m doing alright.  There’s always room for improvement. That’s what life is all about!


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