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Twice as Nice

on February 1, 2014




Or two down-two to go!  This week we celebrated Abby’s birthday with a few friends over to play.  I wanted to do it last week, but we weren’t feeling very good and I wanted to make sure we were done with all of that yuckiness.  Abby had two friends over (two others were invited) and we had a little Minnie Mouse party while Vincent was at school.  I don’t do a ton because I really think kids like to play more than rush from activity to activity, but it’s kind of hard to look at overdone parties on Pinterest and scale it down to a normal, reasonable size.  I made the little invites with some clipart, made some Minnie/Mickey Mouse heads out of black posterboard and a popsicle stick (used two sizes of circle cutters and some glue).  The girls used a white crayon to color whatever they wanted on the mask.  (Found a use for the white crayon!)


Abby’s mask even has little A’s on it.  Can you spot them?  She draws them upside-down like V’s and then puts the line through the middle.  Better than not trying!


Abby and two buddies coloring.  Yes, her two friends who came both happen to have red hair and so did the mom who stayed.  Abby was the odd person out.


I used this plastic Mickey Mouse lid that fits on a plastic cup I’ve had since I lived at home (I think) to shape the rice crispies into Mickey shape.  I lined the face with plastic wrap and then wrapped them all up.  It worked great.


Abby and her friends built fun things with the MegaBloks.  Abby only likes to use the oners (that’s what I call the blocks with just one dot).


Both friends picked puzzles for Abby’s gifts.  They are awesome (and quiet!)


After the friends left and I picked Vincent up from school, my parents stopped by on their way to the Temple for a few minutes.  Elizabeth was home again because she had been a little sick the day before and it hadn’t quite been the 24 hours when school started.  She’s fine though.  My Relief Society President called to see if I could go help clean an apartment of someone moving out of our ward and since Elizabeth was home, I was able to go help while she played with Vincent and Abby (I had my cell phone).

When I got home I found a fun castle that Elizabeth made out of MegaBloks.  She thinks we need more of them so it can be even taller.


Abby was the queen, obviously.



Vincent, Elizabeth, and Abby all have birthdays so close together that they got a package from cousins last week with fun little toys.  Vincent’s was this fun little dinosaur that was a puzzle that winds up and walks.  He loves it!

DSCN2166Vincent’s birthday was the last day of the month.  He went to school in the morning and we had his party in the afternoon.  Olivia helped me make these cupcakes Thursday night.


After they were done, my sister in law called to see if I would like some Planes decorations they had used Saturday at my nephew’s birthday party (we missed it because we were sick).  It was PERFECT timing because we had Vincent’s Planes party the next day (It was already planned to be Planes, coincidentally.)  I picked up the awesome supplies at my brother’s office after school and had them all ready when the party started.




Vincent and his friends played Pin the Propeller on the Plane.  Andy made the plane and propellers for me.  Three of the five kids got the propeller right in the middle where it belongs.


They colored a Dusty airplane and played a little Simon Says while we waited for another friend to come after her PM Kindergarten (and then she didn’t come afterall…)



Vincent’s friends sang to him and gave him some fun gifts.  He’s a lucky kid.



Elizabeth and Olivia got home from school at the end of the party and walked down our road to pick Abby up at her friend’s house. The friend’s brother was at Vincent’s party, so they traded him for Abby.  Then Grandpa George came to say happy birthday and the kids played all afternoon with new toys (while I napped a little).
Hawaiian Haystack dinner was made and then we went to the school for the PTA Movie Night.  It was Smurfs 2.  We had game night with our friends after that.

And then I went grocery shopping.  I really like shopping late at night.  Even though they are always busy stocking shelves, EVERY stockperson is nice and asks me if I’m finding everything alright and how my night’s going and tell me to let them know if I need help with anything.  I like to do the price matching/coupons at Walmart a lot.  I save at least $30 a week with that and only spend an hour or so preparing the list and ads and coupons.  Not bad for an hour!
I went in there a week and a half ago for something small and their clock was off by twenty minutes.  I told the old lady at the door that it was wrong and she said when they fix it a few weeks later it’s off again.  I went in again that Saturday (two days later) and there was a brand new clock up on the wall.  I’m impressed.  (I suppose it doesn’t take much).  I just think Walmart gets a lot of negative comments from people and I appreciate that they make saving money so much easier for my family because I don’t have time to run to so many other places to get apples for 48 cents a pound or tortillas for $1.50 less than normal. Time’s important!

Little sidebar over.  Next week we’ll have three parties done for the kids for the year and we can take a break (from that.)


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