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Elizabeth’s Birthday, SNOW, Red Robin

on February 9, 2014



This cute girl turned ELEVEN on Thursday.  I dropped her off with some storebought treats to share with her class (we brought homemade before and the teacher didn’t care, so I guess that rule is up to each teacher…)

After school Elizabeth and Olivia had Activity Days and then Olivia had ballet and I went to work.  Elizabeth skipped Jujitsu to play at home. We had her special dinner on Wednesday night since we knew Thursday would be busy.

It snowed on Thursday night enough that school was delayed for two hours.  The snow didn’t even completely cover our grass, but it did make the roads slick.  The three bigger kids went out to play for part of the morning. Abby didn’t want to go outside at all.

Elizabeth likes to make things in the snow, like walls to make “houses”.  They have rooms and each person has a room.  A neighbor friend came over until it was time to get ready for school too.DSCN2233

Vincent wanted his picture taken upside-down.  He played outside for quite awhile. Vincent goes to AM Kindergarten, so his school was cancelled.


Friday was Sports Day at school.  Olivia wanted to dress up like a fancy ballerina.


Friday night was Elizabeth’s friend party.  She invited four friends to a “late-night” party to play games and eat pizza.

Elizabeth finished off the decorating of the cake.


She borrowed Andy’s Mario Chess pieces to decorate the cake.


Chocolate cake with a layer of crushed cookies and frosting between.


Two friends weren’t able to come to the party, so Olivia filled in as a fourth player, just like the girls planned.


They played Dance Dance Revolution and some other Wii games.  (Elizabeth put the streamers up.  She’s our streamer girl.)


They played with the balloons in a funny volleyball game they made up as they went along.


Elizabeth with her buddies at her birthday party.


They played Apples to Apples Junior and one of the girls picked the green card “Nasty” as a descriptive word.  The other girls each put their red cards in.  Two of the choices were “Burping” and “Justin Beiber”.  The girl deciding had a really hard time deciding which thing was more nasty than the other.  She finally decided that burping was worse after she recalled a really bad burp.  I just thought it was great that four pre-teen girls can figure out for themselves that Justin Beiber is not someone to admire.

They played some Labyrinth.  This game is so much fun.  We’re really enjoyed it over the last year.


More snow fell Friday night.  The kids woke up begging to go out and play.  Andy went on a hike to Badger Mountain with his scouts in the snow.

Even Abby went out this time.  My littlest and my biggest.


Abby had her three year old check up this week.  She now weighs a whopping 25 pounds.  You read that right.  Twenty-five pounds.  She is little, but proportionate to her height.  The word is petite.  Not small.


Elizabeth took Abby for a super short sled ride before Abby started climbing out.


Elizabeth talked Abby into trying a snow angel and then Abby had the unfortunate incident of snow on her neck and that was the end of playing in the snow for her.

I made a little time to finally try out a Pinterest idea.  I bought the 91% Alcohol Friday afternoon (Andy came home early and I just took one kid!)

Vincent wore his church clothes when the kids decorated flower pots for grandmas last Mother’s Day and I didn’t pay enough attention (actually I’m fairly sure I took a nap…)  He got pink paint all over his shirt and some on his pants and I’ve had them up above my washer and dryer since then not knowing how to get the pink out.  I saw an idea on Pinterest a few weeks ago to use alcohol and a toothbrush to get paint out.  Here’s what it looked like to start.


Pants after they were done.  I’ll trim those strings.





And with a lot of elbow grease, I even got the pink out of the white shirt.  It still looks a little pink tinted, but I expect that to come out in the wash.  (If not, this trick is supposed to work even after washing and drying the fabric!)


Now I’ll just wash them and see if they still fit Vincent…

Olivia came back out to play in the snow for a bit.  She shoveled some snow from our neighbor’s driveway.


Elizabeth thought it was hilarious when one of her gloves stuck to the snow shovel making it look like she had two hands.


(I gave her some of my gloves and took away those snow-covered ones after the picture.)

We watched Monsters University as a family before going to Red Robin for dinner.  We had some gift cards from Andy’s boss to use and two free kid birthday meals.

We waited for a few minutes between the outside doors and the foyer doors for our table.  Since we went at 3:30, the wait was short.
Vincent liked this Red Robin made out of Legos.


Our meal was delicious, just like we expected.  Elizabeth ordered a big strawberry lemonade like me to go along with her grown up burger and drank two glasses of it before the food came.  She had a hard time finishing her burger, which is super unlike her…  Oddly, when the ice cream came, she had plenty of room for that.

The server was so nice.  I told him that three of our four kids had birthdays.  They all came over and sang to them (while Olivia was in the bathroom).  When she came back, the server brought over four ice creams.  It was super nice because Olivia asked us on the way over if she could share with Abby and it is hard to be the only kid who doesn’t have a birthday when everyone else does.


Vincent liked his ice cream.  Are you surprised?






Before we left I wanted a picture of the kids by the big Red Robin statue.  Abby didn’t want to be in it, so it’s the three older kids.




Successful visit to Red Robin.  We used two of our three gift cards, so I still have one I can use for lunch sometime or Andy and I can go on a date.  We’ll see.
I went to a little Mary Kay facial night with a few friends and we had game night.
The snow was coming down most of the evening.  We’ll see if they cancel our church meetings like Kennewick did.


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