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Happenings and a House Party

on February 19, 2014

I found a few new outfits for the kids on clearance at (guess where?  Don’t you know me at all?)  KOHL’S!

I saw these Mickey and Minnie jackets and knew I needed one, but didn’t want to pay full price, so I waited a few months and bought it WAY cheaper, still not quite as cheap as I’d like, but she loves it and will get a lot of wearing out of it (and then Abby will too!)


I didn’t even notice the ears until she tried it on…We’re getting ready for a trip to Disneyland soon with Andy’s parents and siblings and their families which makes 29 in all-17 grandkids!  Andy’s dad is retiring and invited us all for a fun time in Disneyland.  We are so excited for Disneyland, a road trip, family time, and wearing some shorts!  It really hasn’t been cold enough for us to complain about, but you know, we had three whole inches of snow where we live this year…. (SO not complaining, I promise!)

Vincent is obsessed with Skylanders (a Wii game) since we got it for Christmas from Andy’s cousin.  I found this hat and a pair of gloves for him and a Lego Star Wars shirt and gray Tony Hawk pants.  I left them next to his dresser and when I got up the next morning, he was fully dressed in everything I had just bought.  He’s already worn the outfit once more (and it’s only been a week.)


Abby has plenty of clothes really, but she’s stayed the same size for long enough and is so petite that I had to find some tighter leggings for her to wear so they will stay up since she’s now 25 pounds at 3 years old.  The cute polka dot sweatshirt was a bonus and just in time for Valentine’s Day.


I found a few things for Elizabeth too, but she’s been doing crossing guard in the mornings and Andy takes her on his way to work.

I was selected to be a host for a Pull-Ups House Party.  They sent a huge box full of fun stuff, like Pull-Ups (imagine that!), a Cars potty seat, and little party packets with all kinds of things.  I made some cinnamon rolls and little egg muffin things and had a little brunch.  I planned on having the party on a Monday and then the snow and ice hit and school was delayed for two hours (and church was cancelled), so we rescheduled for Thursday.


We had a drawing for the Cars potty seat since we already have one and Abby doesn’t like Cars much.  This little boy won it and will (hopefully) make good use of it.  The coolest part of it is that the lid closes and it becomes a stool so they can reach the sink to wash their hands.


Elizabeth is required to do a science project for school and chose her topic weeks ago.  She finally started on it this past weekend (and even then there was plenty of prodding).  I worked all day Saturday and asked Andy to take that over.

All she did Saturday was cut up an old shirt and squirt some ketchup on it…




Her science question was: “What cleaner will get ketchup stains out of clothing best?”  She used Fels-Napthea Laundry soap bar and shampoo.



Monday the kids didn’t have school, so she finished up the project (due Tuesday).  I don’t do any of it for her, other than making sure she’s doing it, so it’s all her.  She used a few big bowls and scrubbed on these fabric pieces.  She determined that although both cleaners got the set in ketchup stains out, the shampoo took twice as long to do it.



DSCN2317Valentine’s Day was good.  Plenty of kid fun and then Andy and I got to escape and go to the Stake Adult Dance.  We danced once.  I was in charge of the refreshments and kept on top of that and we visited with plenty of friends, which was a lot of fun.  Elizabeth watched the kids for us, but as we left she was complaining about not feeling good and went into the shower.  While carrying food in, Olivia called my cell phone and left a message.  She’s so calm.  Here’s what she said, “Um, mom, this is Olivia.  Elizabeth threw up in the shower and I was just wondering what to do.  Please call me back.  Thanks.”  Seriously, this was in a super calm, cool, and collected voice.  Andy went home because we were still setting up and got them all taken care of (and no more incidents-we think she ate too much candy, but she’s blaming the chicken dinner I made…)  I didn’t even do all that much for the food for the dance.  I had two helpers and one went and bought stuff at Costco and brought it to my house because she was working during the dance and the other bought food at Winco and made cupcakes and brought it all to the dance.  I just had to make sure things were done and help that night.  It was great.  (I do know how to delegate.)

Warning: Remainder of blog is all about my job. =)

Saturday I had my 90 day review at Kohl’s.  These formal things make me nervous because even at my one real job I’ve ever had, they didn’t do this sort of thing.  The review was a basic one, asking questions like if I show up when I’m supposed to, dress appropriately, do my job like I’m supposed to, and greet customers.  I passed with flying colors.  They really DO like me!  Which is good, because I work really hard there!  Saturday my shift was 9:30am-5pm.  The store was packed and busy the whole time!  I helped so many customers who needed help finding products, shoes (even though that’s not my department, I was covering the other employee while she was on break), and the Kohl’s Kiosk which orders items we don’t have in our store that they have online in other colors and sizes and will ship it directly to their house for free.  Several people came in with the ad that was sent to them all upset because they couldn’t find the product in our store (obviously I’m NOT in charge of ordering…)  They found it at the Kiosk and bought it there.  So much easier.  I hardly had any time to actually fold the clothes on the tables or rehang clothes, but I was helping customers and that’s more important.  I really do like this job, even in the challenges and I’m getting the hang of it more every time I work too!  I even got a credit last week (someone signed up for a Kohl’s card after talking to me).  I was excited because I’m really not great at that.  This person wanted a Dyson (expensive) vacuum and if you sign up, you get 20 percent off, plus we were doing the Kohl’s cash which is $10 back for every $50 spent (so basically another 20% off-but it’s on a paper for the next time you come in).  She also bought a Rug Doctor.  She ended up spending quite a chunk, but she got $160 back in Kohl’s cash, which is a better deal than she could get at any other store for the same product.  It’s easy to sell the Kohl’s card when it really helps the customer like that.  Anyway, I like my job a lot and my bosses all like me.  I finished up Wednesday night with one of them and she asked me if I wanted to work Thursday night because she was closing again, so I did.  I think it’s probably a good sign if the managers want me to come in when they’re working…  I am not sure why I get so nervous that they won’t like what I do since I am a hard worker and try to always look at things from the customer’s point of view (since I was a customer WAY before working there).  Recently, I cleaned out the toy section which is always messy because people let their kids just go there to play like it’s a playplace and kids open things and wreck them….anyway, I pulled out a box full of garbage. It’s gross to have that stuff out on the shelf or even underneath.  I cannot believe how many coffee cups and food wrappers I find all over the store, and open/stolen items. I suppose that’s the part about retail that shocks me most, but really, I just like the job of making it look nicer and that they like me.  I tell people that it’s basically the same thing as what I do at home, but I get paid.  At home I’m always putting things away where they go and cleaning up.  Same thing. I guess that’s why I can do it pretty well.

Oh, did I already tell my blog readers that I’ve been asked to be on our unopposed PTA election ballot as President?  Yep.  Next year will be extra fun!  (And if you don’t have anything nice to say about PTA, don’t say it to me because our PTA does SO much for our school and kids that I just don’t want to hear it, unless you’re volunteering to change it.  And that’s the campaign slogan I’m going to run on. jk.)


One response to “Happenings and a House Party

  1. Mary C in WA says:

    Cute Mickey Mouse outfit. Glad you could get it in time for your trip. You set Vincent up to LIKE that outfit by laying it out for him. I’m glad you like your job and they like you. I enjoyed the Customer service part of working more than the association with the other employees when I worked. 90 days already? Good for you!

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