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Science, Donuts, and a Pixie

on February 21, 2014

We went to the Science Extravaganza at the school Thursday night.  Elizabeth’s project was on display there with many, many others.  Good job, Elizabeth.


(She did the whole thing herself…obviously, which is what should happen.)  We dropped Olivia off at ballet and the rest of us went to the school, then dropped Elizabeth off at jujitsu, picked Olivia up, went back to the school so Olivia could go, picked Elizabeth up, and went home to get ready for bed.  Then Andy got in from his work trip to Southern California a few hours later.

The 4-H club brings in rabbits and guinea pigs and whatever other small creatures they have for a petting area.  Abby LOVED the bunnies (shocker, considering how much she loves her bunny blanket..)


There were many different science exhibits in the gym.  One was this telescope.  This nice man helped Abby to look through the lens.


This rabbit had food to eat when we came back with Olivia.  Abby just laughed and laughed watching it eat.


Olivia was able to do most of what we did earlier, but she missed seeing the horse and was sad.


Friday morning was Morning with Mom at the school where the kids bring their mom (or grandma or other mother figure) to the school for a donut.

Vincent liked his!



These three kids came to Morning with Mom with me.  Andy had to go to work early, so Abby came along.  Elizabeth was already doing crossing guard, so she missed it.



After eating donuts Abby and I ran to the grocery store, picked up Andy’s contacts, stopped by Kohl’s, and went and got haircuts before picking Vincent up from kindergarten.


Abby now has a little pixie cut instead of a mullet.  It’s WAY better.  The picture on the top left is the day she cut it and the other pictures are from before and after today.

It’s nice to get the errands done in the morning once in a while.


One response to “Science, Donuts, and a Pixie

  1. […] Abby’s hair is slowly growing back from her unfortunate cut in December and her recent cute pixie cut.  Her hair sits just like that with no effort at all.  That’s a good haircut! Elizabeth […]

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