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Roadtrip to Disneyland

on March 2, 2014
We started driving to Disneyland Saturday, February 22nd.  Andy’s dad is retiring and invited all of us (including Andy’s sisters and their families-29 people in all) to come on a Disneyland trip.  We just had to get ourselves there and pay for our food.  This was an opportunity none of us could pass up!

The first interesting thing on our trip was at Biggs Junction, Oregon.  The highway comes across the Columbia River, from Washington, then crosses the freeway and a set of railroad tracks.  They were doing work on these overpasses, and using this big pile-driver.

Here’s a closeup of the pile-driver, steam was shooting out of it.

Here’s NaDell’s travel chart.  Every 15 minutes you’re good, and you earn a quarter.  Then they use that money for any souvenirs they want when we get where we’re going.

We went to Roseville, California to stay Saturday and Sunday nights with Andy’s BYU roommate Scott and his family.

Elizabeth with two of Scott and Laurie’s three girls. They got all excited to play math games on the computer.

In Roseville it’s legal to own a few chickens, so they have a coop in their backyard.

Elizabeth and Olivia doing some watering in the garden.

There’s an orange tree right next to California’s Capitol, and it was dropping oranges.  Our kids hadn’t ever seen an orange tree before.

On the steps of the Capitol Building.

Sitting on a little wall on the Capitol grounds.

All sorts of trees the live in California are on the Capitol grounds, here’s some variety of palm tree.

California veteran’s memorial.

This bell belonged to the battleship USS California, but it was moved here when the ship was retired.

The California was one of the ships damaged during the Pearl Harbor attack.  This monument tells about how it was repaired and saw action in many battles of World War II.


Abby helping Laurie make dinner.  It was delicious green chile pork burritos with exotic fruit salad.

Sunday night dance show.

Elizabeth reading after it was time to go to sleep.

Andy and Scott.  We really enjoyed our stay with them.  We stayed with them one night ten years ago on our way to Las Vegas and it was too fast, so we made it two nights this time and had time to visit.  At church they kept praying for rain because of the drought California is having and I could only think, “NO!  Not this week!”  Totally selfish…

All the kids ready for the car and riding bikes to school.

Jesus statue in the Oakland Temple Visitors’ Center. Abby wanted to hold her arms like Jesus’s hands…

Oakland Temple.

Kids in front of the temple.  Andy’s parents were married here, so we texted them a picture of this.

Cruising around the temple fountain.  It was turned off, probably because of drought conditions.

A piece of San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.

And we made it to Aniheim at 8:30 that night, checked into the hotel, and rested up for Disneyland Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Kids were pretty good in the car and are saving up their quarter money for Disneyland souvenirs.

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